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Win with Keno at Mummys Gold

Everyone loves the lottery, thanks to how easy these games are to play, and the size of the prize you stand in line to win. You simply need to choose the correct combination of numbers! Although here at Mummys Gold we can’t reach the staggering totals that national and state lotteries can, we do have the next big thing: Keno!

Not only does this game’s odds tend to be a lot better than those associated with lotteries, the draws happen a lot more often, too. In fact, you decide when and where they happen when you play them here!

How to Enjoy Keno at Mummys Gold

Keno is awfully easy, and even if you have never entered a lottery competition, you will be able to figure out what Keno requires very quickly.

Each game will see you choosing a selection of numbers, known as spots. These are numbers that you are hoping end up being drawn. You will be able to choose just 1 if you want to, or as many as 15. Remember that your prize money is linked to how many matches you make.

When the Keno draw takes place, 20 numbers from a pool, ranging from 1 through to 80, will be drawn. They will then be matched to the numbers you wagered on, and, should enough pairs occur, you will win!

More Numbers Mean More Ways to Win

There is a reason that players from New Zealand often tend to choose larger amounts of numbers in their Keno games: the more numbers that you chose that end up being selected, the higher your return. There is also a far bigger chance that you will have chosen correctly, and, because Keno is so well priced to play, your big bets won’t break the bank.

Keno games also play out really quickly, so think of enjoying a game between your online Blackjack round, for example, or use them as a warm up before or a cool down after you play the other top casino games we have available!

Low Risk for Big Rewards

If you want to spend a little time at Mummys Gold Online Casino New Zealand, but don’t have unlimited funds, then Keno is an excellent game choice. It is easy to learn, great fun to start playing, and the winnings are nothing to sneeze at. You don’t have to perfect any complicated strategies, or memorise long lists of rules, and you can enjoy a game from wherever you are, whenever you want!

Getting Started Playing Keno Online

Your first task will be to open up a real player account with Mummys Gold Casino New Zealand, or simply sign in if you already have one. Then grab a Keno card.

What’s Your Lucky Number?

Your next job will be to choose the numbers you feel lucky about, or those that are special to you personally for some reason. These will then be marked out on your Keno ticket. The card is arranged with 8 rows along 10 columns of numbers, and it will let you know how many numbers you are allowed to choose.

Decide on How Much to Bet

Once you have chosen your Keno Numbers, you will decide on how many games you are going to be enjoying. Indicate your preferred amount, and the amount of money you will be gambling with will be automatically calculated. If you bet 1 on your numbers and wish to play 5 games, for example, your total bet amount will be 5. Bear in mind that, the more you bet, the more you may be taking home should the wager turn out to be the right 1!

Wait for your Results

The screen will display whether you have managed to gain a payout. You can be certain that the results are totally fair thanks to the Random Number Generators that Mummys Gold Online Casino has in place. The amount of money you are able to boost your bankroll with will depend on how many numbers ended up correctly matching and how much you initially wagered on the likelihood of this occurring.

Enjoy Keno at Mummys Gold

The speed with which Keno unfolds is what makes the game as great as it is, and Pokies fans in particular will adore this kind of entertainment. Don’t forget that, besides Keno and online Pokies, there is a range of online casino games, like Blackjack, Roulette, and more, for you to enjoy here at Mummys Gold 24/7!



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