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Fun with Craps at Mummys Gold

Find out why Craps is one of the most popular online casino games of all time when you sign up and sign in at Mummys Gold online casino in Ireland! Put your bets down, see what the dice rolls reveal, and watch your bankroll boost. No matter what time of day or night you feel like calling on Lady Luck, she is always ready and waiting at our casino.

Practice Makes Perfect at Mummys Gold

Are you feeling lucky? Then make our Craps tables your first port of call! Despite a table layout that seems very complex, the game itself is not a difficult one to start playing. The various areas on the Craps table are there to show you the bets that you can make, and where you need to place your chips when you are playing one of these amazing online games.

Your Craps game begins with you betting on the outcome of one or a series of dice rolls. Two 6-sided dice are used, and the results that each produce after they roll are added up to produce a total, or point.

When you have produced the 1st total, the point, you will need to roll the same number again, before you roll a 7.

The Bets Available for Craps at Mummys Gold

Some of the bets you can place during our online games include:

  • The Pass Line bet
  • The Don’t Pass Line wager
  • The Come bet
  • The Don’t Come wager
  • The Field bet
  • Odds bets
  • Place Win wagers
  • Place Lose bets
  • Buy bets
  • Lay bets
  • The Big 6 bet
  • The Big 8 wager
  • Hardways bets
  • Proposition bets


Craps is a lot easier to learn than many people imagine, thanks to the essential premise never changing: you are betting on the outcome of the dice rolls. Don’t let the array of bets intimidate you; you will be glad of the choice once you have a handle on the basics!

Many of the above-mentioned bets are very easy; it’s just the sheer amount of them that stresses new players out. The good news is that you don’t need to know how each of them works in order to start playing! The only ones you must know before you begin are the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line, the Come and Don’t Come, and the Odds bets.

Magnificent Microgaming Powers the Fun

The premium software that Microgaming has built its reputation on is evident with the Craps on offer at Mummys Gold Casino Ireland, and its classic entertainment will have you returning for more! Try your hand at a game or two, and see what first-rate casino software is able to offer in terms of top online gambling.

The HD graphics and incredible animations join sound effects that create a powerful ambience, and you will be forgiven for thinking you are at a luxurious table in a world-class land-based casino! You will even be able to hear as the dice click against the virtual Craps table, rolling across the surface to reveal the next winning total.

Vibrant Vegas Craps

The Vegas Craps screen from Microgaming here at Mummys Gold online casino has the table dominating, making for a realistic rendering of the game as you would enjoy it at a brick-and-mortar casino. Below the table you will see the control panel, and this will display all the controls you will be calling on to play your Craps game. There are statistics on hand as well, offered by Microgaming, which may come in very handy when you start rolling the bones and boosting your bankroll!

We are the best online casino in operation for players from Ireland, and invite you to get lucky with the casino games we provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have mobile casino options, including mobile slots, and online games like Blackjack, Craps, and so much more. Whether you are looking for the best online slots, or anything else, we can guarantee that Mummys Gold Casino Ireland has it in spades!



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