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How to begin playing with your free $500:

Ready to get started? It’s really easy, but here are some helpful hints to guide you through it.

1. To claim this promotion you will need to Download and install the casino software and register as a Real Player.

2. The timer will start from the moment you click the Start Free Play button. You are then given $500 worth of FREE Casino Credits and need to start playing immediately to reach the minimum bet amount within 60 minutes. (see 3.)

3. You need to place 100 or more bets to be able to transfer your winnings into your REAL casino account, so keep betting until you are sure you have reached this minimum requirement. Should you want to quit before the 60 minutes is up, simply click the link under the timer.

4. The ‘Play With $500 Free’ promotion is played on a miniature version of the casino, so you will see a smaller casino loaded in the cruiser when you start. Don’t get this confused with the real casino - the games are the same, but this way we can display a timer on the left hand side, so you know exactly how much time you have left.

5. If you get disconnected you will need to log back in. The 60 minutes of free play will continue to count down while you are logged out, so make sure you are quick!

6. Be sure to play a variety of games. There are over 160 games in the casino - who knows what your lucky one will be!

7. When can you claim your winnings? As soon as you have made 100 or more bets and won $20 or more over the original $500, you are eligible to claim your winnings and transfer them into a Real Casino Account.

8. You will need to deposit a minimum of $50 into your Real Casino Account in order to claim your winnings.

Terms and Conditions:

Play for free, win for real promotion.

1. Players must open a first time REAL Download account at Mummys Gold Casino after April 27th 2006 in order to be eligible for this promotion. Please note: Players must open their free play account within 7 days of registering a real account.

2. For the purpose of this promotion, players will be allocated $500 free. This amount cannot be increased or reallocated during the promotion.

3. Players who claim this promotion will have one hour exactly before the promotion ends.

4. Any time required to download games that are available within the software will be counted as being part of the 1 hour allocated in the casino software.

5. The initial $500 is for the purposes of this promotion only and can not be used as part of normal play.

6. In order to qualify to transfer your winnings, you must have completed 100 bets during the promotion. If you fail to meet this requirement, all winnings will be null and void.

7. A minimum purchase of $50 must be made in the player's Real account before winnings from this promotion can be transferred to the Real account.

8. You can claim your free bonus as soon as you have made 100 or more bets and won $20 or more over the original $500.

9. The promotional software must be activated by starting the countdown timer within 7 days of the Real account being registered.

10. The promotional software will automatically be closed after the 1 hour has counted down. At this point players will be given the option to transfer any winnings they have made.

11. If any winnings are made while using the promotional software, these must be claimed within 7 days from the time the Free Spins period begins. The ability to transfer these winnings will automatically be closed at the end of these 7 days. All outstanding credits will be lost at this point.

12. In the interest of avoiding any confusion related to this promotion and the winnings transferred to the Real account, please be certain to read the following wagering obligations:

  • The Bonus will be credited to the Player's bonus account.
  • Bonus amounts credited to a Player’s bonus account are subject to 30 times play through before they may be cashed in.
  • Different games played may contribute a different percentage of the play through - up to 100%, towards the required play-through.
  • The contributing percentages are as follows:
    1. Slots, American Roulette and Parlor Games count 100% towards wagering requirements
    2. Table Poker, Red Dog, all Roulettes excluding American Roulette, Casino War and Sicbo count 50% towards wagering requirements
    3. Video Poker except All Aces Video/Power Pokers, all Blackjacks except Classic Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat count 10% towards wagering requirements
    4. Classic Blackjack and All Aces Video/Power Pokers counts 2% towards wagering requirement
  • As the required play-through requirements are met, funds are automatically transferred from the Player’s bonus account to their cash account.

    Play-through is achieved when any real money wager is made. The Player can use either their bonus or their cash account.

    For any wagers made, the wager is deducted from the Player’s cash account. If there is no cash available, then the wager is deducted from the bonus account. This effectively means that funds in the Player’s bonus account are only played if there is no cash balance.

    If a Player makes a withdrawal, their bonus account is reset to zero. This means that if a Player chooses to take back the money they deposited, they will lose any bonus money they may still have remaining in their Bonus Account.

    Winnings on wagers made from a Player’s cash account are credited directly to their cash account. Winnings on wagers made from a Player’s bonus account are credited to their bonus account.

    Where crediting a Player’s bonus account with winnings would result in the bonus account exceeding the size of the original bonus amount, any excess winnings are credited to the Player’s cash account.

    Note: This is less any automatic transfers from bonus account to cash account that had occurred.

13. If you are running short of time at the end of this promotion, ensure that you are able to complete the bet that you are starting. Any pending bets will be deemed to be lost and the funds deducted from your total balance.

14. If you submit a withdrawal before the bonus is credited to your account, the bonus will be forfeited.

15. The wagering requirements (for withdrawal purposes) will start being counted from the time the promotion winnings are added to the casino account.

16. The maximum amount that can be won and transferred into your real account for this promotion is $100. Any amount over that will be null and void.

17. Players who claim their winnings as part of this promotion will be unable to claim the Welcome Bonus.

18. All promotions can only be claimed once per person, household, family, household address, email address, credit card number, or shared computer environment such as a library, workplace, fraternity, university or school.

19. If you claim or receive any other bonus before redeeming your freeplay winnings, then the free play winnings will be forfeited.

20. The Player acknowledges that in order to be eligible for any promotion or bonus they must be playing with the primary currency used in the country where they have a registered address and are playing from. The casino reserves the right to withhold bonuses and winnings resulting from deposits in any currency made in contradiction to this condition. An exception is made for USD and CAD to this clause.

Welcome Bonus of up to $25 Free

1. To qualify for this offer, only players who have no winnings to transfer after the 1 hour free promotion and who make a minimum $25 purchase are eligible.

2. By redeeming your bonus you are committing your deposit to the wagering requirements in accordance with the normal Terms and Conditions.

3. The wagering requirements (for withdrawal purposes) will start being counted from the time the promotion bonus was added to the casino account.



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