Playing Video Poker Online

Video Poker is a fairly new addition to the casino gaming world, having only been introduced in the mid-1970s. Thanks to the larger, brighter screens, and solid-state Central Processing Units that had been developed at that time, it was It is possible that land based casinos would provide Video Poker access to players. The game was a success from the start and its popularity has grown ever since. Nowadays, Video Poker is as successful online as it is offline, and there are several variants that cater to all players’ preferences.

Video Poker brings with it many of the finer elements of other games, including instant Slot Machines and Poker strategy. The game is considered hybrid and was very attractive at first because it reduced the intensity and pressure of playing at a poker table, and allowed players to enjoy a more solitary quest.

We’re sure you’ll love everything Video Poker has to offer, but before you get started, check out our guidelines. They will make you take advantage of every hand you play.

Video Poker Basics 

Video Poker is actually inspired by Draw Poker, and is very similar except that in the video version you will be betting on your own and there are no other players or dealer. As the name suggests, no physical cards are used, and just like in land-based casino games, everything happens on a machine screen. You can bet up to five chips on your winning hand, and once you have placed your bet, five virtual cards will be dealt and appear on your game screen.

At this point comes the tactical part of the game and you need to decide which cards you want to keep with you and which cards you want to discard and replace. You will be paid according to what you bet and the final value of your hand, so your goal is to get the highest ranking hand possible.

Video Poker hand rankings are exactly the same as traditional poker games, and players who understand this will have the advantage. Attempting a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Court, Full House, Sequence, or any other high ranking move will reap the rewards.

The game started with just one version, Jacks or Better, which is very popular these days. More and more versions have been developed, including Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Joker Poker, and many others. For each game variant there are specific scripts like which cards to discard and which cards to keep, depending on the hand you deal. The house edge may also vary and may depend on the game variant you choose, and whether it is single handed or multiplayer.

As with any casino game, any video poker variant you enjoy will bring you knowledge and admiration for all of them.

Video Poker Online   

You’ll have many more resources available playing online than offline, with dedicated advice sites, forums, and specifically designed applications no more than a click or drag from you. Instructions on how to read pay tables, tutorials on how to formulate strategies so that the house edge does not increase, and details on the different hand rankings are available on the internet.

You’ll quickly find out what works best for you, and what doesn’t, and you’ll be able to do it without risking or investing anything except your time.. Try anything you have learned in demo game mode first, switching to real money games only when you feel that your strategy works for you.

With enough time and practice you will find that you have become very adept at Video Poker and that playing for real money can be very rewarding.

Start Playing Video Poker Online

Video Poker is a game that becomes increasingly intriguing, and you will definitely improve on it as you practice. Learning and developing your game is part of the journey, so take your time and enjoy these aspects and try not to push yourself. That said, it is also true that the sooner you start exploring, the faster you will build your skill set and the faster you will begin to rank on those wins!

Join us now and start enjoying a contemporary casino game that is action packed and potentially very rewarding!

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