Epic Highlights From WWE Money In The Bank

WWE's money in the bankSource: WWE

Chests were slapped, faces were punched, and bodies were slammed. Yes, it was WWE Money in the Bank, and everyone got what they were hoping for. Well, almost. General consensus is that this was one of the more forgettable versions of the gimmicky wrestling show, and although there were a few interesting occurrences, it turned out to be a largely timid affair. Unlike pokies which are always entertaining, this event fell a bit flat.

The pay per view event took place on Sunday the 10th of May, and as is to be expected, a fair amount of mayhem transpired. But one can’t help but feel that the entire WWE organisation is running on fumes. It wasn’t long ago that a number of superstars had to be let go, with the given reason being the ongoing world health crisis costing the company a fortune.

So to put it bluntly; this was a WWE Money in the Bank that came off more as a facsimile of some of the more interesting and exciting previous iterations. Either way, let’s take a look at who got chest slapped, who got slammed, and who came out a winner.

Hardy Versus Cesaro

The first match was by far one of the best. These two veterans went at it hard, and it was all pretty world class in terms of athleticism, and general fight choreography. Most are aware of Hardy’s personal issues, with him having openly spoken about addiction and legal problems. So assumptions were that he would struggle in the ring, especially against someone as capable as Cesaro.

But lo and behold, Hardy managed to come out on top. He won, pinning Cesaro, and proving that he still has what it takes to be a champion. There was some controversy about the win, with many arguing that Cesaro was clearly the better choice. But it is what it is, and Hardy is our underdog winner.

3 Way Tag Team

The first major event was a tag team 3 way, with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship on the line. The New Day, current holders of the title, defended against Lucha House Party, and The Forgotten Sons. The New Day, Big E and Kofi Kingston, managed to retain their title, despite some serious competition.

It is largely agreed in the WWE community that Big E was the star of this particular match, managing to not only crack a few jokes before the action, but perform excellently in the ring as well.

Money in the bank got heatedSource: Wikimedia

R-Truth Versus MVP

R-Truth went head to head with MVP, but despite the enormous potential, this wasn’t one of the better matches. The only aspect that saved it was the banter before the match, with the two wrestlers shooting off a few hilarious lines.

Truth ultimately lost, but most viewers probably lost interest long before the final pin, and started paying more attention to their pokies. All in all, these two are great on the mic, but less so in the ring.

Bayley Versus Tamina

Tamina attempted to snag the SmackDown Women’s title from Bayley, but it was not meant to be. Though Bayley did ultimately win by get a helping hand from Sasha Banks, who provided a critical distraction.

Uh oh, cheaters up to their old tricks again.

Strowman Versus Wyatt

Strowman is a big name in WWE right now, so when he was put up against Wyatt there was very little doubt as to who would come out on top. Yes, Wyatt was obliterated. Though there was some interesting chatter from Wyatt before he inevitably bit the dust.

McIntyre Versus Rollins

Another of the better matches, McIntyre defeated Rollins to retain his WWE Championship belt. An all-round great match with excellent moves, and impressive athleticism on display.

MITB Event

Lastly, the Money in the Bank events themselves. They were, sadly, some of the more disappointing matches, which is a shame, given they were meant to be the highlight. Asuka won the women’s match, and Otis won the men’s.

The overall idea of having the wrestlers fight from a location in Titan Towers, and race to the rooftop, was good on paper. But in execution came off as a rather poor imitation of some or other action television show. Either way, given the current global climate, WWE did a great job in getting the event to happen at all.

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