How to Win with the Paroli System

If you are familiar with gambling, you may have heard of the Paroli system. This is a positive betting system that is opposite to commonly found negative betting systems such as the Martingale system. With negative betting systems, players must increase their bet after each loss in order to recover the money from the next winning situation.

Negative systems can win you small amounts of money but they have a danger of crashing down if you get on a losing streak of as little as seven wagers. In most cases, the house limit cannot be passed and the losing streaks will simply wipe you out.

Positive Betting Systems

The Paroli betting system works in the opposite way. It attempts to build on wins, creating massive winning streaks that can pull in some seriously big wins. The Paroli system is also commonly referred to as parley betting at land based casinos. Many players have actually used some version of the Paroli without even knowing it.

The basics of the Paroli has a player doubling their bet three times in a winning progression. If you start off with a bet of 10 units, the second bet is 20 units and the third bet is 40 units. A three-steak win will net you 70 units. You then go back to the start and begin again with 10 units. Put simply, the betting progresses from 1 to 2 to 4 and then back to 1 again. If at any stage you lose your bet, you can start the sequence again at the base unit.

Paroli in Roulette

The Paroli System can be used in land-based casinos and online. Let’s take a look, step-by-step on how the system can be used on the various casino games. Starting off with roulette, the Paroli system can be used on all even money bets in roulette. These are bets such as the red/black, odd/even, high/low bets. With these bets, players are paid out even money for a win. This means that if you bet 1 unit, you will win 1 unit. With roulette, it is best to avoid the 00 American roulette wheels which have a higher house edge.

With the roulette Paroli system, you can start off the betting with a basic 10 unit bet. From there you are going to increase your bet by five units for the first five bets. When you get to bet six, you then parley (double) your bet three times. When you get to bet number 9, you drop back down to your original 10-unit wager.

The Basic Betting Sequence is as Follows:

  1. Bet 1 – 10 units
  2. Bet 2 – 15 units
  3. Bet 3 – 20 units
  4. Bet 4 – 25 units
  5. Bet 5 – 30 units
  6. Bet 6 – 60 units
  7. Bet 7 – 120 units
  8. Bet 8 – 240 units
  9. Bet 9 – 10 units

The same even-money betting system can be used in baccarat or any other casino game that offers even money bets. It can also be used in craps with 6 or 8 craps bets.

Up and Out Craps Paroli

The Paroli system used in craps is often referred to the up and out bets. The system should only be used on Pass line bets with odds and the Come bets with odds. In this example, we can start off with a bet of 10 units at odds of 5x. Players can decide how many bets they would like to place. However, it is best to start off with no more than three. If we are going to play the Paroli system, we do not count initial wins on the placement of the pass line bet. It is only once the number is established that we take the full odds on the bet, or whatever we can afford.

In this case, we are going to place bets on three numbers at a bet of 10 units each at odds of 5x. In total, we will have 165 units at risk. If the bet is successful, we will win a total of 495 units. From here, we increase the bet to four numbers. Once we win 600 or more units on a bet, we increase the number of bets to 5. If we win 800 units or more, we increase the bet again to six numbers. At any time, a losing bet will put us back at the start with three numbers.

If a player reaches a winning streak and gets to play six numbers, the Paroli system shifts. On the second six-number win, we double the Pass line or Come bet and odds. The basic idea is to spread your bets on all the numbers and increase your bet when you win. You can stop or decrease the betting at any time. After a loss, you start at the beginning. With the Paroli system, a long roll in craps can rack up some big wins really quickly.

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