Why Video Poker is a Good Way to Start Playing Poker

Why Video Poker is a Good Way to Start Playing Poker

If you dream about learning to play poker, but are put off by the complexity of standard table poker games, we’ve got good news for you. The video poker games you can play with us are a brilliant way to get into the popular card game, and are no more difficult than playing online slots.

Once you are comfortable with the basic gameplay, and have a better understanding of poker hands and their rankings, you can apply what you’ve learned to online table poker. You can put your skills to the test with confidence as you play against other players for real money jackpots.

Reasons Video Poker is Helpful

Video poker games are based on five-card poker, but they don’t involve dealers or other players, and you won’t need to memorise confusing strategies. All you need to do is try build the best hand you can, using controls similar to those you would use when spinning slot reels.

You can play them at your own pace and in your own time, using little more than a computer with an Internet connection.

The Basics of Playing Video Poker

You’re sure to agree with us that few online casino games are as easy to play as video poker. Your only goal is to build a hand of cards that matches one of those found on the pay table, such as a Royal Flush or a Full House.

The hands ranked on the table are the same hands that can be formed in standard poker. When building a hand, you would need to either keep cards you were dealt, or discard them so they can be replaced with others.

When you first launch a video poker game, you’ll be faced with five empty columns. The first thing you’d need to do is place a bet, which is done by selecting the bet button. When you’ve done that, five cards will fall into place.

If there are cards you think you can use to start building a good hand, click them to hold them. You can either click the cards themselves, or you can click the Hold button.

When you’re ready, click the Deal button so the video poker cards you don’t want can be replaced with new cards. You’ll then be able to hold or discard again.

See? Video poker is simple, easy, and a great way to learn to play poker too.

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