What You Should Know About Random Number Generators

The only way casinos can ensure fair electronic game results is by using certified random number generators. It’s impossible to produce results by mechanical means, so these programmes use algorithms to select numbers from a massive sequence at random.

Casinos such as ours have them tested and certified for fairness by independent testing labs and industry regulators. We obviously want you to enjoy real opportunities to win, otherwise you wouldn’t really want to play any of our games.

Besides, if we didn’t use one to produce game results, our casino wouldn’t have been licensed, and then where would we be?

Here are a few fun, interesting facts about them.

Random Number Generators Have Standards

Every gaming jurisdiction has certain requirements that all their licensed casinos’ random number generators must meet in order to be certified. We know it’s tempting to think that there couldn’t be very many requirements other than that the programme actually produce completely random numbers.

The fact is, gaming jurisdictions also require that certain standards be set and programmed into them, in addition to their most basic requirement of randomness. Among those standards are the setting of minimum paybacks and winnings.

You Can’t Cheat Random Number Generators

There’s no way to cheat random number generators when playing casino games. Well, not unless you’re an expert computer programmer who knows the secret code, but then you’d be doing something illegal, and probably end up behind bars.

Before you ask, no, not even we know the secret code.

There’s absolutely no way you can influence the results produced by random number generators when playing casino games. Coin sequences, bet amount sequences, and any other supposed methods of influences bandied about by some players are all to no avail.

Random Number Generators Produce Winning Numbers

Random number generators produce more winning game results than most players think they do. This is because the software never sleeps. It keeps producing numbers, even when no one’s playing a specific game.

This is where luck, or happy coincidence, comes in. If Lady Luck is smiling on you, a winning combination will be produced at the same time that you hit that Spin or Play button.

Random Number Generators are Tested Regularly

We mentioned above that random number generators get tested as part of the certification process. That testing is not a once-off thing. Instead, they are tested regularly to ensure that standards are maintained and that they’re working as they ought.

Our casino also gets tested and monitored on a regular basis, partly to ensure we haven’t tweaked the random number generator to give us a better house edge.

A good way to determine whether or not you can trust a casino’s generator is to check whether it has been approved or endorsed by an independent gaming industry regulator, such as eCOGRA.

Random Number Generators are Consistently Random

The randomness of random number generators works within periods of time. Those time periods vary from generator to generator.

However, if you compare the results produced over several of those periods of time, you would notice a certain amount of consistency, however slight. This is what players are getting at when they talk about game machines being either loose or tight.

Random Number Generators Mean Win-Win Situations

Ultimately, random number generators make for a win-win situation. Players win payouts and jackpots, and casinos make a bit of profit so they can stay in operation.

If you want to find out which players won big at our casino, check the list of winners we update constantly.

Come play slots and other casino games with us, and enjoy real opportunities to win now.

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