What to Know Before Playing Online Blackjack

What to Know Before Playing Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is by far one of the most popular casino games in the world and as such, is subject to many myths and misconceptions. This is largely due to the fact that blackjack is essentially a very easy game to learn and play with some of the best odds in the industry. This has led many to believe their successes were for some reason or another. Whatever their reasoning, the information gets passed on which results in the many myths and misconceptions believed about online blackjack.

Confidence in playing online blackjack is not a bad thing but it is easy to feel like a pro, and thus certain information should not be passed onto other unsuspecting players unless it is a proven strategy. Not all strategies are proven or even work as some claim to know a good strategy because it may have worked at one or another. Do not necessarily follow these myths and misconceptions if you want to play blackjack with greater success at Mummys Gold.

Know the Facts

While counting cards in land based casinos is illegal it is virtually an impossible task when it comes to online blackjack. Winning online blackjack hands are governed entirely by random number generators. This means that the very moment the deal or play button is clicked on is the very moment the random number generator generates a hand. Thousands upon thousands of hands are generated in a very short time and it is the particular moment in time that determines whether you are a winner or not.

This by no means implies that online blackjack does not rely on some sort of strategy but betting smart is probably the best way for success. Even though the goal is to reach a value of 21, it is a common myth that this should be a player’s strategy. Considering the dealer’s card and the odds of reaching a particular goal with the cards in hand is how a player should really play online blackjack. Hitting until the cards may or may not reach 21 allows a false sense of the game being simply based on the luck of the next card.

There are certain rules one must also consider such as the fact that the dealer must stand on a 17. This gives players the chance to win with an 18 or 19 hand, which is really not unattainable if played correctly.

Know the Game

Another far reaching misconception is that some beginners play under the assumption that the dealer’s hole card is a ten. The hole card is the card that remains face down until the player has played his round and it is more likely to be any other card than one valuing ten. Beginners should never fear that the hole card is a ten and play under that assumption as it is best to always play with the information that is certain so only play with what your cards and the dealer’s visible card tells you.

Just because online blackjack is a favourite amongst the rich does not mean that bets need to be large. Big bets should only ever be placed by those who can afford them because the size of the bet does not determine the odds of winning.

Low limit blackjack is available at Mummys Gold for beginners to make smarter bets, meaning smaller bets, while learning the best strategies for them. It is even advisable for experienced players to only bet small if that fits better with their budgets. Life changing money can also be won playing online blackjack by placing small bets.

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