The Most Desirable Attributes In A Partner

Attractive attributes in a mateSource: Pixabay

You, like everyone else on the planet, have probably spent some late nights thinking about finding true love. Or to be more precise, asking yourself the age-old question; what do I really look for in a partner? How do I hit the jackpot in love like I do in online pokies? Why can’t I get a date? Should I lose some weight and hit the gym, then perhaps dates might be more readily available? No, that would be too easy.

Yes, it is the oldest of questions, and one that many claim to have the answer to. But alas, it is a riddle, and a mysterious minefield that we must all navigate. There are sadly just no clear answers.

Or are there? New studies may have cracked the Holy Grail once and for all, blowing the lid on this whole unanswerable “what do people look for in a partner” conundrum. Take a read, and discover that maybe you’ve just been looking at it wrong the whole time.

Ground Breaking Research

Researchers from the app Clue in collaboration with MyONE Condoms and assisted by a few other smart people at the University of Gottingen, undertook the mammoth task. They interviewed 68,000 people from 180 countries, asking the pertinent question; what do you like in a partner?

It turns out that roughly 88.9% of women rated the characteristic they want most in a partner to be kindness. Next up was supportiveness, which was indicated by 85.6%. Intelligence came in third at 72.3%. Most mind blowing of all was that only 22.3% mentioned that their partner should have an attractive body.

So at last the mystery of why Captain America and Thor are such firm favourites in the MCU has been answered. It was their kindness all along. If only they had known, they would have skipped the 6 hours a day in the gym.

Confidence Is Key

Virginia J. Vitzthum of the Kinsley Institute elaborated on the findings. She pointed out that being attractive was indeed important, but perhaps not necessarily in the way that it is widely perceived.

An attractive body and being sexy will indeed get attention, Vitzthum explained, but this appeal will only go so far. If it is not backed up by the most important characteristic of all, confidence, those good looks aren’t worth much in the long run. So looking good and feeling good are, more often than not, simply the tools that allow for confidence. Though, attractiveness was important in its own right.

Much emphasis is put on looks and wealth in modern society, Vitzthum concluded, perhaps more so than ever before. But learning that it isn’t a substitute for a strong personality, only a support for it, is the big step that many need to take.

Finding the perfect matchSource: Pixabay

Other Key Statistics

Now that’s out of the way, here are some of the other key statistics gathered. Only 2.5% of ladies asked said that they preferred a very muscular body. An average body – think Dad bod – was the most desirable, with 44.8% indicating it as their choice. Second choice was an athletic body.

Interestingly enough, eyes and a nice smile came up highly rated. This was followed by facial hair, which seems to be in these days, large hands, and muscular arms. Aha! We knew there was more to Captain America and Thor than just their kindness. It all starts to make sense now. In conclusion, if you’re looking for love, best you groom yourself, find your confidence, and know that it certainly doesn’t hurt to lift a few weights and get those arms muscular. But most of all, be kind. At last the mystery is solved, and we can all rest easy knowing that it was, if you think about it, probably pretty obvious.

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