Wellness without tears

Life is better through technologySource: Pixabay

Fitness and wellness gadgets are great but they are not much help if you don’t have the time or inclination for cross fit, trail running and so on. If you have more of a gaming lifestyle, you might question what use wellness gadgets can be. It’s a lot of fun to play online pokies, but it’s not something that can benefit from dedicated wellness technology – or is it? The fact is that there are many gadgets and devices that you can run in the background to improve your health even while you’re spinning the reels at your play station or fast asleep after a winning session.

Easy breathing

Air quality is in the news a lot today – it doesn’t seem to be getting any better on the whole. However, you can do something to improve it. Install the Natede Smart Natural Air Purifier and let it eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air you personally live, work and play in. The simple but elegant design packs a powerful technological punch, with advanced sensors for temperature, humidity, pollutants, fine particulates, and carbon monoxide. It also has a washable photocatalytic filter which you won’t have to replace, so it’s hassle free and costs less. The sensors and filter combined will get rid of 93% of pollutants and 99% of bacteria as well as viruses, fine particulates and odors too. Sync it with your device via Bluetooth and use the mobile app to check up on the quality of your indoor air anywhere, anytime, in real time. You can also breathe a little easier knowing that the brand plants ten trees for every Natede Air Purifier purchased.

See the light

Not only can you filter the air you breathe, but you can also filter the light that strikes your retina. Blue light from any device can interrupt the natural rhythm of your body, which scientists say can cause all kinds of problems related to fatigue. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do something about that is to use a blue light filter. By changing the color palette of your display, a blue light filter reduces your exposure to the blue light that can damage the light-sensitive cells in your retina. The best monitors come with blue light filters built in already, but if you don’t have one, there are software solutions available. Try the blue light filters baked into the Windows 10 and MacOS operating systems or download blue light filter apps for your smartphone from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Eliminate bacteria from the air you breatheSource: Pixabay

Road of dreams

Awareness is increasing of how important getting a good sleep is for your health, but monitoring your sleep can be tricky – because you’re asleep. Don’t worry, though, because help is at hand in the shape of the iFit Sleep HR Sleep Tracker. Monitoring your sleep has never been easier – simply place this handy, disc-shaped gadget between the base of your bed and your mattress. Then download the companion app for iOS or Android, pair the gadget to device via Bluetooth and turn in for the night. When you wake up you’ll get detailed stats that include average heart and breathing rates during sleep, how long it takes you to get to sleep and the number of times you woke up in the night. Ifit Sleep HR also records the time you spend in the light, deep and REM sleep cycles. You can keep track of your “sleep score” over time with a graph. A nice touch is an alarm that uses a sensor to wake you when you are sleeping lightly – there’s nothing worse than being dragged out of a deep sleep by a blaring alarm! 

Early warning

Fitbit, Inc. is best known for its activity trackers – wireless-enabled wearable technology devices that measure data such as the number of steps you have walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed, and other personal metrics involved in fitness. Now Fitbit has brought out the Aria 2 Smart Scale. Think of it as a bathroom scale with artificial intelligence – in addition to telling you how much you weigh, the Aria 2 Smart Scale will also keep track of how much weight you’ve lost! Not only that, but it can measure what percentage of body fat you’re carrying and it can calculate your your BMI Body Mass Index (BMI) – the number that tells you how close you are to your ideal body weight. It’s a pretty good indication of whether you’re doing okay fitness-wise or whether it is indeed time to make a plan to exercise in the world outside.

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