Ways to Win vs Traditional Paylines

Online Slots

Slot games with traditional paylines can be classic reel slots or immersive video slots, with the former usually having fewer reels and far fewer paylines than the latter. These days, though, there is a third category too: The “Ways to Win” slot games.

The payline structure in a Ways to Win game rewards players far more often. Each reel has specific positions that pay out when specific symbols land on them, rather than requiring a specific symbol to land in a specific position on every reel at the same time in order to pay out. If this happens once you win less than if it happens twice on the same spin, and so on.

In a game with 720 Ways to Win, for example, the first to fifth reels usually have 3, 4, 5, 4 and 3 possible spots respectively, resulting in 720 possible prizes: 3x4x4x4x5. The more spots that are filled, of course, the bigger your payout. They start very small, but can get quite lucrative. Other common payline numbers in Ways to Win games are 243, 1024 and 3125.

If you’ve spent any time at all playing slots games, you know that a lot of the thrill comes from the fact that they are completely based on chance. So is there one that is more lucrative than the other? Which, ultimately, is better – Ways to Win or traditional payline slot games?

Pros of Ways to Win Games

Many possible winning combinations and many potential multipliers mean more frequent payouts

  • Possible to win generous payouts without betting the maximum amount
  • You never feel the frustration of landing a winning combination on an inactive reel
  • You never have to choose which reels to activate

 Pros of Payline Games

 Much higher payout amounts than with “Ways to Win” games

  • You can maintain stricter control of your bankroll and your betting behaviour

Choose What’s Best for You

All high-quality slots games are fun to play; decide which ones to go for based on your skill level and mood. If you’re a beginner, your budget is small or you just feel like relaxing more, choose a Ways to Win game so that you can spend less time thinking about bankroll management and enjoy frequent wins. Just remember that, in return, you pass up the potential for the larger payouts that traditionally-structured games offer.

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