The Dazzling Days of Disco!

the village peopleSource: Microgaming

Picture the scene: the strobe lights are flashing, the glitter ball shimmers overhead and the speakers are blaring with the sounds that dominated the era. You’re transported to the heyday of the disco movement, when life was all about showstopping glamour, killer dance moves and larger-than-life characters. The stars of this scene? The Village People®, who captured hearts and imaginations with their trademark image and indelible hooks, leaving a legacy of hits that still ushers people to the floor today.

The glory days of disco may seem like a thing of the past, but they’re roaring back to life with the new Village People® Macho Moves slot game. Set across six reels of action, this stylish casino classic features fully animated figures of the iconic band members themselves – the construction worker, cowboy, cop, Native American, biker and sailor – and five of their most beloved hits. Spin the reel and try to match the colourful symbols, all while your toe taps and your body grooves to the sounds that defined an era. Created by Fortune Factory Studios and Microgaming, the game is set for release on 25 June 2019, so get ready to step back in time and relive the glorious heights of disco domination!

The Village People® Know How to Get Wild!

When the lights kick in and the smoke begins to billow from the machines, the disco dancefloor becomes a place where inhibitions are not welcome. That’s because disco is the perfect music for leaving troubles behind and letting your wild side take over. That’s where Village People® Macho Moves’ incredible wild system comes into play.

If you land a VP Wild symbol on a reel, each of the other positions on that reel will also be filled with a wild symbol. Furthermore, each reel features a specific Village People® member overhead, with a meter at their feet. When you land a VP Wild symbol, the meter above that reel will be awarded one VP Wild Token. Fill the meter and you will receive a special Wild bonus, which varies depending on the character who receives it. Better yet, you’ll also receive five free spins That means you can enjoy six unique ways to boost your winnings and boogie your way to the jackpot, without spending a cent of your hard-earned money!

Getting to Know the Village People®

What set the Village People® apart from their contemporaries was their unique image, with six distinct characters who became instantly recognisable. Each had their own persona and their own individual appeal, so it’s to be expected that Village People® Macho Moves finds each of our favourites adopting a different way to play.

When you fill the meter on the first reel, you’ll unlock the construction worker’s Macho Move. This will award you with free spins and a random multiplier, so you can earn between 2x and 20x your winnings without spending a cent from your prize pot! The second reel belongs to the cowboy. Activate his Macho Move and he’ll lasso up between two and twelve wild symbols, which will be randomly placed on the reels before each spin. Who knows? These might just lead to more free spins, further bonuses or even the chance to win the game’s jackpot prize!

Reel three is the cop’s beat and he patrols it by placing between two and four wild reels randomly before each spin. The Native American is also mad for wild reels; fill the meter on reel four and the fifth and sixth reels will be replaced with a wild reel. As your spins progress, these reels will shimmy one reel to the left each time, partying their way across the board and potentially paying out major cash.

The biker roars onto the fifth reel and replaces all low-value symbols with a single high-paying alternative. A win when this is activated can drastically increase your pay-out, all without ever parting with your winnings. The sailor drops anchor on the sixth and final reel; when his Macho Move comes into play, one to three wild symbols are randomly placed prior to each spin and remain locked in place until your free wins expire.

These bonuses each come with major benefits, allowing strategic players to maximise their winnings, minimise their risk and put their skills and luck to the test. Moreover, they let you discover the personalities of each member of the band and play a central role yourself – who knows? There might just be room for a seventh member!

Get Your Dancing Shoes On!

Village People® Macho Moves brings five classic hits – Go West, YMCA, Macho Man, In the Navy and Can’t Stop the Music – and a host of personalised features to the world of online casino slot scene is ready for a disco takeover, so log in or create an account and prepare to dance your days and nights away!

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