Video Poker – Simple Game With Big Benefits

Video Poker – Simple Game With Big BenefitsSource: PokerNews

As far as casino games go, you can’t get much more simple than Video Poker. It has a few buttons, straightforward rules, and each round generally lasts no more than a few seconds. It’s such a simplistic game, in fact, that many tend to overlook it. But underestimate not the humble game of Video Poker, because it happens to be one of the most consistently reliable ways to earn money in the world of casino games.

No, I’m not yanking your crank; Video Poker is where many professional gamblers go to make a few quick extra bucks. I said a few extra bucks, mind you; Video Poker certainly isn’t the way to get rich quick. In case you’re not aware, there is no way to get rick quick playing casino games. The only option is to smartly make small amounts of cash over long periods of time. If you want to get rich quick, invest in a pyramid scheme.

I’m kidding, don’t invest in a pyramid scheme. And certainly don’t send me an email if you do, asking why your bank account is empty and you have nothing left to your name but the tears on your cheeks.

Reliably Fair

When talking about casino games, and how good they are in terms of walking away with cash in your pocket, the key phrase is house edge. For those unaware, the house edge determines the percentage of the time that the house always wins. The house being the casino, of course. Since casinos don’t operate on hugs and compliments, they need to ensure that they are guaranteed some income from the games they offer. This is the house edge.

But since neither you nor I are a casino, we’re interested in the opposite of the house edge; the percentage of the time that the player can consistently win. Which is not to say, and please keep this in mind, that the player will always win. Depending on how skilled the player is, they have the potential to win consistently, over time, with some losses being inevitable. But, importantly, with the chance to win those losses back, with profit.

So, in a game like roulette, for example, the house edge is determined by the zero pocket or pockets. Since the zero pocket is separate from other bets, it all but certainly means that the player will lose. Hence, the house edge on a single zero pocket roulette table is 2,7%, and on a double zero pocket table is 5.2%. What is the house edge on Video Poker? 0.4%. It all starts to come together, doesn’t it?

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Jacks or Better

Skilled Play Wins The Day

But, if you thought this meant that you can now fly into a Video Poker game, slam buttons randomly, and walk away with your pockets loaded with cash, you’d be dead wrong. Just because Video Poker happens to be one of the fairest casino games available, it doesn’t mean that the game is easy, or especially user friendly. If it was, the game probably would have been discontinued long ago. Hugs and compliments, remember? They don’t pay the bills.

Video Poker is a tricky game, with an enormous amount of variables, possibilities, and difficult decisions. In fact, an amateur player could easily lose hundreds playing it, and never see a cent back. This is the nature of a casino game.

The trick is, however, that a person playing a perfect game can certainly win, and keep winning. It just depends on how you approach the game, and how skilled you are at understanding the probability involved.

Play Video Poker like A Pro

So am I suggesting that you dedicate the remainder of your life to becoming a Video Poker master? You can, if you want, but that isn’t what I’m suggesting. What I’m suggesting is that you become a moderate Video Poker player, after which you can follow a handy online strategy guide. Yes, such things exist, and are even easily created for your following convenience.

Then, am I suggesting that following a guide perfectly will make you unstoppable at Video Poker, resulting in your life now being free of financial worry?

No, I’m sorry to say, that isn’t the case. Once again; hugs and compliments. Instead, what I can suggest is that your winning rate in Video Poker will go up exponentially. You will still suffer losses, and you will still likely have to fight to earn a profit, but, over time, you will almost always walk away with more than when you started. The only trick will be to walk away when the bank balance is in the green, and not wait for that mythical future fortune you imagine is possible.

A few extra bucks in your pocket, that’s what I’m suggesting is possible. Use this new power wisely.

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