Mike Tyson Ready To Return To The Ring

Iron MikeSource: Wikimedia

There is no doubt that Mike Tyson is one of the all-time greats of boxing. But, with him having long retired, he can only be fondly remembered in highlight reels of retro matches. Unless, of course, for some or the other reason the 52 year old man decided that he’s ready for a comeback. But that would be ridiculous, right? How could a 52 year old possibly hope to have any real chance returning to the sport? Shouldn’t he be at home, relaxing, playing mobile casino games and enjoying his retirement?

Well, the world being what it is, Tyson is of course, returning to the boxing ring. Perhaps he was inspired by the film Rocky Balboa, in which an aged Sylvester Stallone did more or less the same thing. Though even in the film it seemed pretty unfeasible, with a fair amount of suspension of disbelief going on. Now that it’s happening in the real world, many aren’t exactly sure what to make of it. After all, to say that Tyson’s prime years are behind him is somewhat of an understatement. Even if he has released a few shirtless training videos lately, and does indeed look in good shape, there is a very big difference between hitting the gym, and actually hitting an opponent in a fight.

So, what exactly is going on, is he serious, and more to the point, who would he actually fight?

Who Would Fight Iron Mike?

There has already been plenty of speculation as to who Iron Mike will face in the ring. Many people have even made semi-joking remarks that he better face an opponent also in their 50s, so as to keep the match balanced. Well, the joke is on all the jokesters. The favourite at the moment is Shannon Briggs, who happens to be 48. So at the very least the event won’t reflect Rocky Balboa in that regard.

But as it stands, Briggs is not yet confirmed. He did, however, make a few things known in a recent interview. He first declared that he was in the process of raising money for the fight, and had just about sealed the deal. He also made it clear that the match would be for charity, and that it would be an exhibition. Though, he followed up this statement by quickly declaring that despite it being an exhibition, there is still a chance Tyson may land up breaking his ribs. Because, this is Mike Tyson, and even if the man is beyond 50, he is still a very capable boxer.

That Tyson is still capable may very well be true. But on the other hand, it seems just as likely that the 2 aged men might land up giving a less than exciting performance, given the fear of genuinely hurting one another. But on the other hand, it might just land up being even crazier than that.

Ready for the boxing ringSource: Unsplash

Tag Team Boxing?

If it wasn’t all already a little crazy, and seeming like a media circus of epic proportions, it gets even weirder. Briggs revealed that there was a chance the event would land up being a tag team boxing match. No, this isn’t a joke. Briggs announced that he had been discussing with Tyson the possibility that the 2 share their corners with other boxers. The idea would be that 2 other fighters could be tagged in and out, using the same tag rules as Pro Wrestling.

The potential teammates mentioned as a possibility were the brothers Vitaly & Vladimir Klitschko, or perhaps David Haye.

Meanwhile, this being Mike Tyson, and apparently every aged boxer in history smelling the potential, this is not the only potential matchup in the works. Another fighter vying for a shot at Tyson is Evander Holyfield. Holyfield recently mentioned on social media that his people were in talks with Tyson’s people, and that although no deal has been struck, serious strides had been made in signing on the dotted line. However it happens, the return of Iron Mike to the ring is sure to be something special. If it ends up meeting expectations is another story altogether.

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