Turning Your Mobile Phone Into a Mind Gym

Get mentally fit

In a world where the focus is so often placed on physical fitness, it can be easy to forget about the importance of mental fitness. Thankfully, like getting physically fit, training your brain does not need to cost an arm and a leg.

Just like you can use your mobile phone to play quality casino games online, you can use it as a gym for your mind. Take a closer look at why mental fitness is important, how it can benefit you, and how you can get the old grey matter into shape.

Importance and Benefits

Bodily health plays a huge role in one’s quality of life. If your body is tired, run down, and out of shape, your immune and other systems cannot function as they should. This puts you at risk of illness and other ailments.

Your mental fitness can also affect your quality of life. So much of how we navigate our way through life’s stresses, strains, laughter, joys, and pains depends on our outlook, and your mental fitness has an incredible amount of influence on that.

If you take care of your mental fitness, you should find that:

  • You are better at dealing with stress
  • Your interpersonal relationships improve
  • Your ability to concentrate improves
  • You are better able to move on from the past

Supporting Your Mental Fitness

There are many easy ways in which you can strengthen and support your mental fitness, most of which require nothing more than remembering to do the exercises mentioned below. If you are worried that you will forget, why not set a daily reminder on your mobile phone?

Stimulate your brain

Remember to Breathe: Known in yoga as pranayama, breath control is a great stress-buster. When we are stressed out, our breathing tends to become short, sharp, and shallow. That decreases the amount of oxygen in our blood, which has a negative effect on our body and mind. Remember to breathe deeply, rhythmically, and slowly.

Get Out and Stay Out: Life in the urban jungle has a funny way of robbing us of the simple pleasures in life – pleasures such as fresh air, sunshine, fragrant flowers, and birdsong. Fight tension, lethargy, and stress by spending time outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Use your mobile phone to find parks and green spaces to explore.

Get Crafty, Get Creative: Unless you are an artist of one shade or another, your daily life probably entails a great deal of right-brain work, which is all about logical and cognitive processes. Getting creative, whether you paint a picture, make a scrapbook, or sculpt with clay, is a fantastic way to engage your left brain, and to recharge and renew yourself.

Stimulate your brain

Get Some Rest: Whether we work long, hard hours, or we play long, hard hours, it can be easy to sacrifice sleep in favour of all sorts of other pursuits. Stimulants such as caffeine make it easy to function on only a few hours’ sleep, but the reality is our bodies and minds need sleep to stay healthy. Try to set a routine for yourself, so that you go to bed and wake up at the same time during the week, and try to enjoy 8 hours’ sleep each night. Use your mobile phone’s alarm clock, if needed.

Apps for Mental Fitness

Thousands of apps designed to help you stay mentally fit are available. Among them are:

Headspace: Free to download, it offers guided meditations to help you achieve inner bliss.

Duolingo: The free language-learning app is a great way to keep your mind active and learn a new language using fun activities.

Lifesum: Another free app, Lifesum offers you gym progress tracking, health tip reminders, recipes, and more.

It’s never too late to start exercising your brain, so what are you waiting for? Hit the mental gym now!





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