True Conspiracy Theories

Truthful conspiracy theoriesSource: Pixabay

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a drunk, semi-homeless looking stranger in your local pub, you’ll know that there are more conspiracy theories going around than there are clothing fashions. Alien’s bodies are being held in Area 51. Or the government desperately tried to cover up a spy balloon. Everything that you do online, including spinning slot’s reels for casino gold or otherwise, is watched by shady government agents.

We could argue until we’re blue in the face as to which conspiracies are true and which aren’t. Or we could go over these conspiracy theories that were confirmed to be true. To some extent anyway.

Project Sunshine

When you’re developing a giant bomb that can wipe out cities during a war, you want that business kept under wraps. Though, do call it Project Sunshine, since everyone likes a little joke for the ‘in the know’ people that understand it refers to atomic bombs.

Less funny is that the existence of Project Sunshine has been confirmed in declassified documents and the US and the United Kingdom really did collude to steal the bones, limbs and other parts of recently deceased children. The collected body parts were used to study the effects of radiation. The US has kept some documents hidden, with general consensus being that the information within was simply too distasteful or embarrassing.

Government Poisons Moonshine

Back when the United States thought prohibition was a good idea, they did some silly things. Besides making alcohol illegal, of course. It has been all but confirmed that between 1926 and 1933 some rather drastic steps were taken. Since moonshine is made with already dangerous chemicals, the government thought it would be a great idea to increase the amount of said chemicals in order to avoid manufacturers creating beverages.

Of course, it wasn’t a very well thought out plan, since the manufacturers just rebranded the moonshine as having extra kick. This last part is a joke; they just kept making moonshine and didn’t give two hoots. Or, a little more shockingly, they might just not have known. Around 10,000 died from drinking poisoned moonshine.

Government Mind Control

This one is a bit sketchy, but stick with us. The US really was involved in experiments that altered human consciousness, with LSD as a core component. It was called MK-ULTRA. But if you’ve seen The Men Who Stare At Goats, or read the book, you’ll know that it isn’t as straightforward and sinister as it sounds. Though, it was pretty sinister.

The real wonder is that the project got underway in the first place, and more so that it lasted as long as it did. Either way, the thing to take away is that the US spent money on this project. Tax dollars so very well spent.


Where, in space? Obviously. Can you do maths? Also, the government is indeed looking into UFOs. That means Unidentified Flying Object though. Not aliens. So yes. If the government is looking for UFOs or alien life forms, chances are there is something out there.

Searching or UFOsSource: Pixabay

They Are Watching You

Is the government spying on you? You, specifically? No, it would be an obscene waste of resources. Unless you’re doing some exceptionally dodgy things. We mean far dodgier than looking at questionable naughty websites.

The Patriot Act means that the US government can indeed spy on people, but only under the strict guideline that they suspect terrorist activity. In 2016 it was also confirmed that tens of thousands of requests for information were sent to Facebook, Google and Apple. We’re sure they had very good reason.

The Dalai Lama’s Salary

Recently declassified documents revealed that the Dalai Lama worked with the US government. During the 1960’s he helped the CIA with various schemes to disrupt China and hamper their infrastructure. In doing so he earned around $1.7 million a year.

Or to be more specific, the US helped the Tibetan resistance against the Chinese government. In the process the Dalai Lama earned a small fortune.

False Flag Operations

Basically everything is touted as being a False Flag Operation these days. Which conflicts are and aren’t we care not to speculate about. But, in the Gulf of Tonkin one pretty big mess did indeed unfold.

In 1964 South Vietnamese forces attacked the American Naval Ship Maddox. The incident was key to the further involvement of the US in the war. It turns out that the South Vietnamese forces were simply responding to an attack already perpetrated by the Maddox.

Government-Controlled Weather

One of the longest running conspiracy theories ever. Yes, already existing clouds can be seeded, and this reality was a used tactic was used in the Vietnam War to wash out roads. It’s also used to help farmers during droughts

But cloud seeding isn’t what the conspiracy theory is talking about. It rather refers to precise government control over weather, with the HARP satellite array often being mentioned. Which is not true, as far as we know.

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