Tackling The Travis Scott Fortnite Challenges

Travis Scott in concertSource: Wikimedia

If you don’t know what Fortnite is, you’ve probably been living under a rock. But just to be safe; Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world, having roughly 250 million active players. Which is to say; it’s the most popular game around that doesn’t offer Mega Moolah style jackpot payouts.

But Fortnite is quickly becoming more than just a game. It is also becoming a platform for other hot, current topics to be integrated. Lest we forget, the game had a Thanos tie-in not so long ago, and as jarring as it was to see Thanos flossing, it was still an indication of the marketing power of the game.

But Thanos is old news, and Travis Scott is current news. Hence, it is out with the Thanos, and in with the buff Hip Hop artist. Yes, Travis Scott has been integrated into Fortnite, first via a series of challenges, and concluding with live concerts from Scott, in the game itself.

The Challenges

First and foremost, the Travis Scott challenges. You can still technically do them and earn the rewards, but the concerts have already taken place.

There are three challenges in total, each resulting in a unique reward when completed. They aren’t exactly the most demanding challenges ever conceived of, but the purpose of each was more marketing than actually being a demanding task. They are as follows;

  • Dance For 10 Seconds at Apres Ski or The Yacht
  • Bounce Off Various Astro Heads
  • Visit the Stage Near Sweaty Sands

You can probably figure out how to dance for 10 seconds in the locations stated. It is better to head to Apres Ski, since it is a much harder to find location, which means less chance of getting caught up in battles while you’re trying to earn the reward. You can find the exact location pretty easily with a quick Google. After you have done the challenge, you will be rewarded with a new, rather artistic Travis Scott themed loading screen.

Fortnite gameSource: Pixabay

The Astro Heads are a bit more challenging, even encouraging some teamwork with others. There are 5 in total around the Sweaty Sands beach location, which you can spot pretty easily if you’re dropping down into the area. The first will be a breeze, and you can simply drop onto it as you descend into the location. If you’re trying to do all in one go, however, you may want to try and build some structures to help. Completing the challenge will earn you a new spray.

Lastly, you simply have to visit the stage where the concert took place. It is near the Astro Heads, in the water, and also easily visible when dropping into the area. Simply stand on the stage, or dance on it if you like, and you will earn the unique banner reward.

The Concert

The concert, or concerts more accurately, took place between the 23rd and 25th of April, and were what can conservatively be called a massive success. Or to put it another way, the event was attended by a great many more eyes than would have seen a live performance. A total of 27.7 million people saw the concert over the course of the weekend, and 12.3 million at the highest peak. In total, 45.8 million viewings across all social media occurred.

Each show lasted only 10 minutes, but was an incredible, mind-blowing experience. Psychedelic shenanigans swept viewers from location to location, which is, needless to say, far more than would have been possible if the event had been organised on a real world stage.

Various songs by Scott were performed of course but can really be considered second fiddle to the rest of the ordeal. A towering Scott stomped around at one point, everyone was transported underwater at another, and some of the event even occurred in outer space. When it was all over, a gentle butterfly transported everyone back to the island so that they could get back to shooting one another. The concerts are over now, but can be viewed in full on YouTube. All in all, the incredible amount of work that went into the event is unprecedented. It also likely marks the start of more events of this kind taking place in-game, given the incredible success achieved.

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