Top Tips To Boost Your Live Dealer Gaming Experience

Top Tips To Boost Your Live Dealer Gaming Experience

Want to find out more about getting the most from your live casino gaming experience, Mummys Gold tells you exactly what you need to do!

1.Have Some Snacks Ready

First things first: Live dealer games can keep you busy for some time. Take into consideration that you will be taking part in a live dealer game with multiple other people. You can’t really pause the game and make a sandwich. Before you sit down to start the game, have some snacks with you in case you get hungry or nervous.


When eating, turn off your headset if you are using one. Nothing sours a game more than hearing crunching or chewing while you are playing. Give everybody some peace and quiet and eat inaudibly.

2.Create A Comfortable Environment

Get a good chair that offers back support, don’t play in total darkness, and always try having at least a dim light source if you are playing at night.

Some people get really into live dealer games and can sit too close to the screen, staring intently at the dealer’s hands, trying to gleam info to gain upper hand. Have some eye drops handy just in case your eyes get dry.

3.Don’t Be Afraid To Stick To A Schedule

Set yourself a time frame of playing with a good 20 minute to a half-hour break between matches. You want to have a fun time and not overstretch yourself. When you are tired you make poor judgements so rather take a break and start again fresh the next day.

Having enough bandwidth on your Internet connection is also a concern for many players. Try playing live dealer games during off peak hours. Also turn off any downloads that you may be running. Live dealers are streamed across the Internet so it can be quite bandwidth heavy. Poor video and audio quality is a killer during live dealer games.

4.Be A Good Sport

Everybody involved, including the dealer, wants to have a good time. Often the dealers work night shifts to accommodate all the players from different time zones so take them into consideration when you want to interrupt play in any fashion. Being polite, courteous and following the rules will make the experience pleasant for you, and anyone else you engage in. Having a good time in an authentic and realistic environment, whilst relaxing at home, is what live dealer games are all about!

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