Google’s 2019 Year in Search

2019 Google search trendsSource: Piqsels

In December 2019 Google released its annual Year in Search review detailing the notable searches of the year. This is always interesting, as it gives real insight into what people were doing and thinking about over the course of the past 365 days. A kind of cultural pulse-taking if you will. Naturally, top mobile casino games like the ones available at Mummys Gold continue to be popular search items, but what else are people looking up?

The Year in Search report focused on the biggest trends in search terms, the ones that had sustained traffic spikes in 2019, when compared to 2018. The lists are available online and can be filtered by country. Take a look at the most-searched items in the United States and see how well you know the Yanks.

Top 10 Overall Searches

The USA’s list of top 10 items people looked up in 2019 is a heady mix of entertainment and current events. Number 10 was Jussie Smollett, he of the fake hate crime scandal, followed by iPhone 11 at Number 9 and Game of Thrones at Number 8. In seventh and sixth positions were Avengers: Endgame and Luke Perry who passed away unexpectedly of a stroke, while the Number 5 spot went to Footballer Antonio Brown.

The devastation that Hurricane Dorian wrecked in the Bahamas made it the fourth-most entered term, and fallen rap artist Nipsey Hussle was the third. Cameron Boyce, the young actor who died so mysteriously was in the Number 2 spot, and top honours went to Disney Plus. Which really just shows that what the world needs right now is some Baby Yoda goodness.

Take a look at the other terms that made it onto the more specific top search lists.

Top 5 Athletes

Baseball and Football are 2 of the USA’s national pastimes, so it’s not surprising to find them so well represented on this list. Though the athletes below are indeed national treasures, the total absence of basketball players in the top 5 does seem a little strange.

  1. Antonio Brown – Footballer
  2. Bryce Harper – Baseball
  3. David Ortiz – Baseball
  4. Andrew Luck – Footballer
  5. Myles Garret – Footballer

Tracking search engine trends onlineSource: Pixabay

Top 5 Red Carpet Celebs

The beautiful people on the red carpet were also an eclectic mix, showing how much individuals’ tastes differ when it comes to celebrities and fandom.

  1. Billy Porter, Broadway Performer, Singer and Actor
  2. Cardi B, Rapper
  3. Lady Gaga, Singer-Songwriter
  4. Amy Schumer’s Husband, Chef and Farmer Chris Fischer
  5. Jenny McCarthy, Actress and Media Personality

Top 5 Movies

Even adorable Baby Yoda isn’t enough; stateside, going to the movies in 2019 was all about escapism. The 4th and 5th most-searched releases were Disney films, while the first 3 were superhero franchises. Granted, the protagonists are more tortured and fallible than earlier superhero movies, but they still provided an action-packed, much-needed break from reality.

  1. Avengers: Endgame
  2. Captain Marvel
  3. Joker
  4. Toy Story 4
  5. The Lion King

Top 5 Songs

The songs that got the USA dancing or that pulled at their collective heartstrings in 2019 showcase a lot of musical talent. These releases are quite different from each other, but what they have in common is how powerful they are.

  1. Old Town Road, originally by Billy Ray Cyrus and remixed by Lil Nas X
  2. 7 Rings, by Ariana Grande
  3. Shallow, Lady Gaga’s Oscar-winning masterpiece
  4. Sunflower, by Post Malone and Swae Lee
  5. Truth Hurts, by Lizzo

Top 5 Diets

In this day and age, no review of trending items would be complete without a look at the diets that were searched!

  1. Intermittent Fasting Diet
  2. Dr Sebi Diet
  3. Noom Diet
  4. 1200 Calories Diet
  5. Golo Diet
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