Ten Great Casino Break Destinations

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International travel is one of the greatest experiences that modern life has to offer. The ability to hop on a plane and go anywhere you want – it’s beyond the wildest dreams of past generations! Another phenomenon of modern life, though, is that there is also too much choice. When it comes to entertainment, whether it’s music, movies, or online casino games, there’s so much variety that choosing what to do right now can be hard. Sometimes it helps to look how you can combine favorite activities. Casino tourism is increasingly popular for just that reason – you can combine the pleasure of gaming and entertainment with the experience of exploring a new world. Around the world, a number of cities stand out as great destinations for a casino break. Here are ten of the best (excluding Las Vegas, which doesn’t need the publicity!).

London, the Big Smoke

London is one of the most visited cities in the world and one of the most multicultural cities, too – more than 270 nationalities and 300 languages are represented in the “Big Smoke”, as the city is known. With such diversity backed up by 2000 years of history, London offers something for every taste and inclination. Culture, fine dining, art, culture, science, ideas, pubs, history, music, theatre, fashion, the Queen – you’ll never exhaust London in a lifetime, offline or online. Casino culture is big in London, too, with some of the world’s classiest gambling establishments, making the grand old city on the Thames an excellent candidate for a great casino break.

Macau, International Gaming Capital

For the longest time Las Vegas was the dominant force in gaming. It was deemed the ultimate gambling location, dubbed “Sin City” because of its propensity for utter debauchery. But as the years have rolled on and competition has gotten more fierce, Las Vegas has been forced to hand the baton over.  Macau is now the most profitable gambling city in the world. Dubbed the “Gambling capital of the world” and the “Monte Carlo of the East”, many now flock to this opulent bastion of betting and hopefully winning. Even one of modern gambling’s true mascots, James Bond, went there in 2012’s Skyfall. You’re in for the time of your life in Macau!

Cancun, Tropical Paradise

The city of Cancun in Yucatan, Mexico, is the top tourist destination in Latin America, with more than 6.04 million international visitors in 2018. The reason this destination is so popular is not hard to find – Cancun’s dazzling turquoise blue sea and miles of white sandy beaches have made it Mexico’s most internationally recognizable tourist destination.  In addition to the beach, Cancun is a vibrant metropolis that is well served by a number of international airlines, making it easily accessible from anywhere around the world. The captivating night-life, fine dining, numerous watersports and adventure activities are more reasons why so many holiday-makers choose Cancun. It’s also a great place to meet new people from all over the world.  Factor in the city’s great casinos that cater for everything from online pokies to sports betting and classic casino games, and it’s clear that Cancun is a hot tip for your next casino break.

Sydney, Pride of Australia

Sydney, Australia can confidently take a seat alongside other sprawling well-known metropolises and cities around the world. It’s name can be mentioned in the same breath as New York, London and Tokyo. The city itself provided the futuristic landscape for the 1999 blockbuster, The Matrix, while another big name production was shot at the city’s Moore Park Fox Studio, namely Star Wars. Australia’s appetite for entertainment extends to gaming – the mobile casino industry is huge. Australians even have a term of endearment for the common slot machine, namely, pokies, or online pokies if you prefer to have a flutter on your PC and/or smartphone. With such a competitive gaming culture, whether you like your casinos digital or land-based, you’re in for a hell of a time in Sydney!   

New Orleans, the Big Easy

New Orleans is unlike any other city on Earth. Nowhere else is it more difficult to have a bad time than in the Big Easy, as the state of Louisiana’s most beloved city is known. The name comes from the 1960s, when a New Orleans gossip columnist compared New Orleans to New York. In contrast to “the Big Apple” where everybody was always running around chasing money, people in “the Big Easy” enjoyed a much more laid-back lifestyle. The same holds true today. Mardi Gras only comes once a year, but with its incredible food, vibrant music and remarkable people, New Orleans almost forces you to have a good time and celebrate life without taking yourself too seriously every day of the year.  Whatever your game, be it online pokies, sports betting or table games, your enjoyment will peak in New Orleans.

Singapore, Lion City

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Singapore is a melting pot of norms and civilisations, as reflected in its 4 four official languages – English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. When it comes to gambling, Singapore is surprisingly young, having only opened its very first casino back in 2006.  The good news is that Singapore is right up there with the likes of heavy hitters like Las Vegas and Macau. So if you’re looking to take in new experiences while also hoping to cash in on your luck, then the offerings within the land-based casinos of Singapore are unlikely to disappoint.

Johannesburg, City of Gold

South Africa’s biggest city Johannesburg is built on speculation, risk, big dreams and ambition. In 1886, it was nothing more than a few farms on the ridges of the Witwatersrand. Then prospectors struck gold and the City of Gold was born. Rapidly growing from a tent town to a modern city in the African bush, Johannesburg attracted miners, entrepreneurs, gangsters and gamblers. Although today most tourists typically stay in Joburg in transit to tourist destinations like the Kruger National Park, with its lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, buffalo, and other wildlife, more and more people are discovering that Joburg got a lot to offer in its own right. Considering the importance of gold in the city’s history, it’s no surprise that Joburg has a thriving casino culture, offering sophisticated entertainment under big blue skies.

Manila, City of Dreams

The Philippines is best described as an archipelago, a cluster or group of islands defining one nation. However, just as scattered as these islands are, so is the very nature of the Philippines. If you’re heading out that way, make sure you do your research so that you may veer on the side of safety. Make no mistake, like most destinations you may visit, the Philippines has its safe parts and its dangerous parts, it’s areas of affluence and its areas of poverty, with everything in-between. 

Manila, the capital, is a microcosm of the Phillippines, especially in the organised chaos of the traffic system and the kinetic and vibrant essence of the culture. It’s also home to 9 casinos, many of those sporting world-class facilities and casino games right up there with what you’d encounter were you setting foot in Sin City or Macau. So head on down to Manila – it’s far from vanilla!

Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America

Spectacular scenery, stunning beaches and colorful cultures are just some of the attractions that draw millions of people to South America each year. With so much diversity, it’s hard to know which country to choose – but if you like to combine the joys of travel with the pleasures of gambling in a casino, online or offline, then Argentina is your best bet. Maybe the name, which means “land of silver”, is a hint. In any case, Argentina has a very successful gambling industry with no fewer than 79 casinos, thanks to a combination of a high population and user-friendly gambling laws. This makes for a gambling culture where the focus is on relaxation and pleasure – and nowhere is the gambling better than in “the Paris of South America”, Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires.

New Zealand, the Antipodes of Adventure

New Zealand might be an island country with a population of only 4.5 million people, but it’s rugby team is nothing to scoff at! The All Blacks and their world-famous haka have been intimidating rival squads and teams the world-over for years. Rugby aside, New Zealand is on the map for a bunch of other reasons.  Its Prime Minister is known for her swift action on gun control and Peter Jackson shot his famous Lord Of The Rings Trilogy there. Sport, politics and movies aside, New Zealand is also known for its thriving, vibrant and entertaining casino life. In fact, the island nation is home to 6 land-based casinos, providing all your standard casino game fare and making sure that even those who usually play in a casino online are still bound to make a turn in New Zealand.

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