Tips for Winning Slots Tournaments

Slots games are fantastic in their own right, but casino players are natural thrill-seekers and are always looking for something more. Most people, for example, start with classic slots games to learn how they work, and then expand to include the more complicated video slots in their repertoire. They’ll still love revisiting their old favourites, but will definitely need more excitement as time goes on.

So what comes after classic, video and progressive jackpot slots? Glad you asked! This is by no means the end of the road, and the answer is slots tournaments!

Want to know how these work and how you win in them? Read on!

How to Play

Slots tournaments are a lot more sociable than playing on your own, and if you’re playing in a land-based casino you’ll get to enjoy a special tournament package, complete with an awards dinner, too. However you’re playing, you get to go against real people in real time.

The only thing you pay in a slots tournament is the money you put down when you enter, which means you have a chance to win big prizes for a relatively small investment, and you can manage your bankroll easily. There is literally no way for you to spend more money than you have.

Depending on what the prize money is, the entry fee for a slot tournament can be just a few coins, or hundreds, or thousands of coins. As you get better and spend and win more in these competitions, you’ll qualify for some of the invite-only, VIP events.

All the games or machines involved in a tournament start with a pre-set number of credits, and you need to try and use them all within a set amount of time. Those who have the highest scores at the end of this round proceed to the next, and this process continues until the winner is found. It’s pretty simple, but it’s very addictive!

How to Win

Since what happens in a slots game is so dependent on chance, all you can focus on to increase your chances of winning a tournament are your speed of play and your concentration. Practice pushing the buttons fast, and make sure you are comfortable and alert.

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by the theme or the flashing lights of the game you are playing, and if you’re in a live casino don’t pay any attention to the actions or the wins of your competitors – easier said than done, we know! It’s also a good idea to sit down for the tournament a little early, no matter how you are playing, so that you feel calm and relaxed when you start spinning.

You should also spin again as soon as the reels have stopped; remember that you don’t have to wait for the credits to count up, as this can take precious time to complete. And, of course, play the maximum bet on every spin.

Best of Everything

Slots tournaments can’t replace general slots play – you might not get to play on your preferred games or machines, and if you win a jackpot you’ll have to watch the dollar signs in your eyes fade away because you won’t be able to keep any of it. However, you get more spins for your money and a whole new level of excitement with these competitions. You can also win prizes that are worth far more than what you pay to enter, so they are great when you feel a little strapped for cash. They’re a worthy addition to your overall range of playing options and could just make you rich!

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