The Name’s Bond… or Is It?

The Name’s Bond… or Is It?Source: Screen Rant

There has been a lot of controversy about the latest Bond movie, simply titled: Bond 25. For starters, the last few movies didn’t fare too well at the box office, and there’s been some speculation whether Daniel Craig will reprise his role. But now that Danny Boyle has withdrawn as director, due to creative differences, it seems as if it will be a tight deadline for the November 2019 release date.

If you think that Spectre started filming in December 2014, which was less than eleven months before release, it can certainly be done, but it was such a rushed production that it was tanked by critics. Is the controversy around Bond 25 simply a publicity stunt for marketing purposes? Or is Bond really going nowhere slowly, and, if so, can he still be saved?

The Problem with Bond

The problem with Bond? I didn’t know there was a problem with Bond. Technically speaking, it’s not with Bond himself, but more the direction of the movies. So is the director to blame – or are the actors? There have been many debates about “who the better Bond is”, with many still believing that Sean Connery and Roger Moore portrayed the character the best. Of course, there was Timothy Dalton, who had to fill the shoes, and didn’t do too well – and then came Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

Taking into consideration the society we live in today, the biggest problem with the recent Bond movies is that, well, they’re just not Bond movies. In a time where women take on leading roles and fight for equality, Skyfall made the ultimate mistake by either killing or demoting every woman. Let’s take Eve (played by Naomie Harris) for example: she begins the film as a field agent – a tough and competent lady – great!

But, by the end of the movie, she becomes Bond’s secretary, Moneypenny, and the sexist element is back. Then, the producers decide to kill off M (played by Judi Dench), who has been at Bond’s side almost since the beginning of time. Yes, it was a great scene and maybe time for Judi Dench to say goodbye to the Bond franchise, but what did they do? The replaced her with a man – not a great idea if you think about where we are today in terms of female empowerment.

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How to Save Bond

Is that really the problem with Bond? That the storylines need to stick to what society wants? No, we may think that’s what it comes down to, but it’s not. Bond is Bond and it feels as if, lately, the producers and directors are simply trying too hard. Big explosions, sexy girls and deadly missions – that’s all part of what James Bond represents, and it’s been like that since the very first movie came out – in fact, even before that in the famous novels by Ian Fleming.

The question is: do we really need to overthink every single movie, and does it have to take almost 4 years to make a Bond movie? I agree that the characters are very important, especially the main character – after all, it is James Bond, the suavest man who has ever lived. So what’s the problem then with James Bond in the 2000s and how do we fix it? The answer is simple: all you need to do when it comes to creating a Bond movie is to:

  1. Pick the mission
  2. Pick the villain
  3. Pick the stunts
  4. Pick the girl
  5. GO

The easiest, and best, way to save and fix James Bond is to simply make a James Bond movie – it really is that easy.

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