The History of Roulette

From French gambling halls to land-based casinos and, more recently, online casinos, roulette is a classic casino game that has been consistently popular with gambling enthusiasts for centuries.

If you love roulette, we’re sure you’d like to learn more about the origins of your preferred casino game, including the many variations that are available today. Are we correct? Then read on to discover more about how the game of roulette came to be the phenomenon it is today.

The origins of roulette reach far back into history, beginning in 1655 with a respected French scientist, Blaise Pascal. In this year, Pascal attempted to test one of his mathematical theories by creating a machine that could achieve perpetual motion.

Unfortunately, his experiment was unsuccessful, but luckily for you, Pascal’s invention would soon become the world-famous roulette wheel. Soon, roulette appeared in gambling houses across France, and the game would eventually travel abroad and spread across the rest of Europe.

A few centuries later in 1842, the Blanc brothers Francois and Louis made a change to Pascal’s French roulette wheel while attempting to introduce the game to a European audience. This change was the addition of a zero slot to the wheel, which inserted a house edge into the game and made playing roulette much more dynamic. This variation of roulette soon took off across Europe, and it wasn’t long before the wildly popular game was appearing in casinos in other regions of the world too!

One of the first countries outside of Europe to catch on to the popularity of roulette was the United States, and US players in the 1800’s decided to create their very own unique version of the game that featured two zero slots instead of one. Featuring slightly different rules to its French counterpart, American roulette also offered a higher house edge to its players, further increasing the element of exhilaration during games.

Today, fans of roulette no longer have to visit a land-based casino to get the full benefit of playing roulette. French, European and American roulette games from top developers are all available at our online casino, allowing you to play from your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you’re looking to be a part of the diverse history of roulette, you could do no better than to sign up with us and start playing!

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