The Beautiful Game

What once was seen as a popular game for peasants has evolved into arguable the biggest and most well respected sport in the world. Football in its current form can be traced back to English public schools in the eighteen hundreds. As England continued to expand its empire, so the game of football expanded to all of the areas under British control.

While some of the rules stayed the same, other cultures introduced new elements of the game that can still be seen today. It has been over one hundred and twenty five years since The Football League was first founded in England, and the sport shows no sign of slowing down.

Did you know that there are over two hundred and fifty million football players in more than two hundred different nations around the world? It’s no wonder that with its massive popularity and fervent following, this epic sport had to be taken to the world of online gambling and slots. Lucky for us, Microgaming did just that with Football Star slot. Now you can experience the excitement and heritage of the beautiful game right in your own home!

Football Star Slot

The bright lights, roaring crowd and pristine green pitch are all waiting for you in this football themed slot. Symbols include intense elements of the game such as last second goalie blocks, winning shots and slide tackles. Even the stern referee makes an appearance with his ominous yellow and red cards ready to be called.

With a staggering two hundred and forty three ways to win, this five reel slot is surely gaining just as much popularity as the timeless sport it portrays.

Bonus Features

There are three bonus features that a player should be aware of when playing Football Star. The first is called Striking Wild. This is a random bonus that will turn reel two, three or four completely wild. It’ll stay that way until the player wins a prize!

The next feature is rolling reels. Any symbols involved in a win will spin to another symbol. This allows for more wins at no additional cost. The last feature is free spins. If the player lands 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols, they’ll be given 15, 20, or 25 spins!

Are you ready to play the beautiful game? We are! Grab your cleats, put on your jersey, and get ready for some fun!

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