Something Different in Slots Tournaments

As far as slot games go, one would not consider an online slot game as something that could be part of a tournament. After all, slot games are notorious single player experiences, putting one player against a series of spinning reels. The player sits down, makes a bet, and attempts to create matching sequences. Where is there possibly room for a tournament event in this setup?

It just so happens that online slot tournaments are becoming increasingly popular. More and more online casinos are offering them, and players are flocking to take part. Some online casinos have daily slot tournaments, and some even hourly tournaments, which should give an idea of just how popular they are becoming. Let’s take a look at how slot tournaments work, and discuss whether it is worth while to take part in them.

Understanding Slot Tournaments

Since there is no way to directly put on slot game player up against another, slots tournaments are instead based around player’s attempting to achieve the heist winnings, in a limited period of time. It’s a simple concept, but one that can become very competitive very quickly. The idea is, of course, that each player is restricted to using only a limited amount of cash to start off with.

The overall goal is to not only prevent the initial cash sum from reaching zero, but also to grow it as much as possible. If a player’s total reaches zero, they must buy back into the tournament in order to keep competing. At the end of the set time period, the player with the biggest remaining total is declared the winner, and receives the jackpot prize. Depending on the online casino, the jackpot prize can be a very considerable amount of cash.

Keeping Competitive

In the case of an online casino holding a slots tournament, the total balance of each player will be displayed in a designated area of the website. Those competing may look at any time, and see how close they are to being the overall winner. Of course, what makes slots tournaments so interesting is that the standings can change very quickly and dramatically. It only take a player wining a single big slot game jackpot in order to go from last place, to first place, in an instant.

The trick to slots tournaments is, of course, that a player must balance out the potential jackpot prize money, versus any money buying back into the competition. A lucky player will make it through without having to spend any money to keep playing, but a few buy in payments often need to be endured.

Free vs. Paid Tournaments

If you are interested in participating in a slots tournament, but are worried about having to pay cash to enter, take note that there are many tournaments that have a free first attempt policy. This means that the first attempt is entirely free, and a participator is allowed to play until their initial cash runs out, the competition, ends, or they win. If their cash runs out and they would like to keep competing, they are then allowed to pay a small buy in fee to keep playing. Hence, slots tournaments can be tried out, without the risk of losing any cash.

Paid slots tournaments may have bigger buy in fees, depending on the overall amount of the jackpot prize. Tournaments with bigger prizes generally tend to have larger buy in fees, which makes sense. See which tournaments are available at your favourite online casino, and make a decision on how much risk you are willing to take to win a jackpot.

Which Games Are Used?

Slots tournaments generally keep the competition to a predetermined selection of games, which makes the situation fair for all involved. Upon entering a tournament, the rules will specify which games are allowed to be played. Don’t worry, though, websites generally choose the most popular and entertaining games to base a tournament around, which makes the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Some websites will even use a tournament to promote a recently added game to the website.

Chances of Winning

With all of the above being said, a person may now be asking themselves what the chances of winning a slot tournament are. This, of course, depends on a number of things, mostly on how many participants there are in the tournament. The fewer players in a tournament, the more chances a single player has of winning. So, select which tournaments you enter carefully.

A smart player will also ration out their initial starting cash wisely, and not make any large, spontaneous bets. It is, of course, largely a matter of luck as far as slot game tournaments go, but being smart with cash can improve the chances of coming out an overall winner.

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