Are Smartphones Taking Over from Consoles?

Are Smartphones Taking Over from Consoles?While there are a few who will forever remain true to console gaming, the trends are pointing towards smartphones being the way forward with regards to the future of gaming and its popularity.

Pokémon Go can attest to this, as this recent mobile gaming phenomenon transfixed people across the globe. AR and VR smartphone games mean endless hours of incredibly immersive play, which is vastly improved upon from previous games.

Nintendo has too opted for smartphone games over console after having previously shunned the technology. Perhaps this is the end for consoles like PS3 and X Box.

Mummys Gold will agree that playing smartphone casino games over online casino games is fast becoming the better option. Technology, especially mobile technology, is pushing boundaries at a rapid pace and new and better game play experiences on smartphone are literally taking the world by storm.

There are several reasons why smartphone games are becoming more and more popular. Lets take a look at some of the great advantages.

On the Move Gaming

The most appealing factor about opting for smartphone gaming as opposed to console gaming is that you carry your smartphone with you meaning you can play immersive games no matter where you are.

The game selection is growing continuously and does not limit you to the games only produced by one developer like Sony or Nintendo, there is rather a selection from multiple developers. Even though device’s PSP are mobile, they do not perform all of the other functions that smartphones do.

Smartphone Capabilities

Thus far, console gameplay is limited to certain patterns but smartphones utilize all of their capabilities that are incorporated into game play. Turning the smartphone, touching the screen and any other capability the phone may have becomes a part of the game, which is then much easier to play.

Visually Stunning Entertainment

Graphics are not any less stunning on smartphones just because the screens are smaller. In fact technology on smartphones has increased tremendously and, apart from the remaining 2 dimensional games that still exist, 3D ultra-realistic graphics are quite common and constantly improved upon.

Cross Platform Game Play

When it comes to smartphone games they are not restricted or limited to one specific type of device or even just one device at all. There are countless games that have the same titles that are playable on different operating systems such as Android and iOS.

When games are downloaded to a smartphone they may download to a connected device like a tablet too. This allows you to play the same games between devices. When it comes to casino games and some free online options, no downloading is needed to play.

Social Networking

A great feature of playing games on smartphones is the social networking element. Not only can games be played on social networks like Facebook but they can involve completion of certain activities on those networks, which can lead to more exciting game play action.

Game results can be shared and discussed on social networks and friends can chat amongst each other.

The Fun Factor

Playing games on smartphones is much easier, not only for the convenience of on the move gaming, but also because accessing the games requires only one touch. Many games developed for smartphone have been proven to provide endless hours of fun whether they require great skill or not.

The future of technology with AR and VR means smartphone gaming is the way of the future and will provide players with interesting options that exceed what is already on the market.

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