Sherlock Will Rock at Mummys Gold

Sherlock Holmes, scourge of all criminals in London’s underworld from the late 19th century into the early 20th century. A detective of such sound technique and theory, that many believed him to be real. But he was not real, no ladies and gents, he was the fictional creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, so strong was his penetration of the reading public that his adventures crossed mediums. Radio, comics, television, movies and video games all came to know the name of Sherlock Holmes, and while he might only be a fictional character, there’s nothing fictitious about the cash you could win when you play the all new Sherlock of London Online Slot™! This July in the year twenty hundred and nineteen, the world’s greatest detective is coming to dish out justice and winnings at Mummys Gold Online Casino. Will you be there when it happens?

Rabcat? Who are these cats?

If there’s one thing every player should know, it’s who’s making the games they play. Brand recognition, believe it or not, is just as applicable to online casino games as it is to the shoes you sport, the car you drive and the cologne you wear. If you’re wearing Nike shoes, driving an Audi and smelling of Paco Rabanne, you better know that you’re playing Microgaming, NetEnt or IGT. Rabcat Gambling is the company responsible for Sherlock of London Online Slot™ and with the blessing of Microgaming, have produced a casino game that doesn’t just pay homage to the character of Holmes, but one that carries a fun and complex network of win enhancing features.

Sherlock, you’re Up!

Classic hallmarks of literature have been tackled by Rabcat Gambling and made into highly entertaining online slot games. The company has released Moby-Dick, based on the classic novel by Herman Melville about New England whaling and the mythical white whale. Graphically immersive and feature rich, this game does a fantastic job of lightening up the darker themes of the novel and turning them into glitz and entertainment. Next came Robin of Sherwood, based on the character of folklore, and tackled by numerous writers over the years. Now it’s the turn of Sherlock Holmes and his ever-present side-kick, Dr Watson. London after dark awaits you in an adventure filled with mystery, intrigue, and of course winning possibilities.

Features of Sherlock of London Online Slot™

Real credit has been paid to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation. From the coat to the cap, to the pipe to the cane, the physicality of Sherlock Holmes has been perfectly rendered by the designers at Rabcat Gambling. A modern style of animation has been used to recreate the London of all those years ago to absolute delight. The visual and audio story is segmented by 5 reels, 3 rows and a total of 25 paylines. As the player, you can select how many lines you’d like to bet on with each line representing a unique and fixed pattern. Sherlock of London is bolstered by and given major added oomph by the following features:

  • An Expanding Wild feature
  • An Extra Wild feature
  • A Free Spins feature
  • A Double Win feature
  • A Connecting Wilds feature
  • A Bonus Spins feature

Activation of many of these features can be narrowed down to the Wild and Scatter symbols, with features such as the Expanding Wild and Extra Wild being only applicable to the Free Spins feature. In other words, there are some features that will only be available in the base game and others that will come about in the Free Spins feature. The accumulative effect of such a feature-rich casino game can be quite fruitful, especially if it’s your time win.

Enjoy it now at Mummys Gold Casino

The only decision left to make is where to play Sherlock of London? Let Mummys Gold Casino make that choice for you! These days online casinos can seem like a dime a dozen. It is a competitive industry, with many operators vying for one’s attention and thus things can look cheapened. This is not the case when it comes to Mummys Gold Casino, an on operator with years of experience and a track record of regular auditing, support of responsible gaming and other initiatives that any good operator should undertake. Mummy’s Gold offers all new players a deposit casino bonus, and if you see fit to make this place your local hangout, then all kinds of other benefits can be afforded to you. Hundreds of games at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a pad are waiting. Device orientation is all-round at Mummys Gold, meaning you can play on your PC or your mobile device.

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