The World’s Sexiest Accents

The sexiest accents globallySource: Pixabay

Have you ever wondered where your accent sits on the scale of general sexiness? Probably, since at some point you’ve had to phone a potential love interest and suddenly found yourself trying to sound as seductive as possible. After listening to your own voice, you’ve probably also hung your head in shame, sworn off love for the remainder of your life, and done something far more enjoyable like playing pokies instead.

Wait, don’t give up just yet…

It turns out that the world has some pretty weird perceptions about which accents are, in fact, sexy. If you thought you didn’t make the list, hold your horses for a second and keep reading.

The travel site Big 7 recently conducted a survey as to which countries had the sexiest accents. They polled 8,500 individuals from around the world, tallied the score, and published the results. Some of the accents are obvious, given the perceptions held in popular culture, but others are pretty surprising.

Here is the list of top 10 sexiest accents in the world.

Top 10 Sexy Accents

  1. New Zealand
  2. South African (Afrikaans)
  3. Irish
  4. Italian
  5. Australian
  6. Scottish
  7. French
  8. Spanish
  9. South USA (drawling Texan)
  10. Brazilian Portuguese

You probably wouldn’t have thought that the New Zealand accent was at the number 1 spot. Especially since, if you look at the top 10 list from last year, it doesn’t even feature. We suspect shenanigans, and have strong reason to believe that palms are being greased in order to shuffle results around. Or, far more likely, the world just generally becomes more or less aware of accents based on what they’re exposed too.

Either way, the New Zealand accent was referred to as outrageously charming. In second place the South African Afrikaans accent was number 1 the previous year. It is incredibly popular around the world, according to Big 7, and its various slang terms are very endearing. This is almost certainly due to the band Die Antwoord and the spate of movies that have predominantly featured the accent. District 9 comes to mind.

Italian was down in fourth, not leaving the list since last year, but dropping a few positions. But of course, everything said in Italian sounds sexy. Unless you want to make that connection to the Italian Mafia, in which case we question if ‘I’ll break your legs unless you pay me’ really would be especially sexy.

Other accents on the list included the expected French, Spanish and classic Southern American drawl. The Southern American drawl one is especially interesting, or confusing depending on how you look at it. Because, let’s just be real here, it depends very much on who happens to be speaking it. At least in our opinion. The line between annoying Texan drawl and sexy really is paper-thin.

For the sake of interest, here is the top 10 list from the previous year.

  1. South African Afrikaans
  2. Italian
  3. Northern Irish
  4. Australian
  5. French
  6. Irish
  7. Spanish
  8. Israeli
  9. Jamaican
  10. Southern American

As you can see, no New Zealand. Suspicious. Start generating your own conspiracy theories about the Big Accent Industry and let us know.

Sexiest accents surveyed Source: Pixabay

Least Sexy Accents

So, the sexiest accents in the world are fun. But let’s ask the real, hard questions. You’re wondering the same thing, aren’t you? Which are the least sexy accents in the world? Take a look.

  1. Croatian
  2. Romanian
  3. Thai
  4. Pakistani
  5. German

This is genuinely pretty interesting. Many of the lowest rated accents are fairly close to those that made the top 10 list. The German language for example has a few marked similarities to South African Afrikaans. There are a few key similar pronunciations as well. Check out how a ‘g’ is extremely similar in both languages. But it just so happens that the Germans missed Good Port Sexy and somehow landed up on the Scary Peninsula. We’re joking of course, Germans are lovely people, they just sound like they’re always angry.

The Pakistani accent is very similar to the Indian accent. Though, the Indian accent didn’t make the top 10 sexy list either. Though we argue that the Indian and Pakistani accents, even if they aren’t technically sexy, are rather inviting and friendly.

The Romanian accent is also very close to top rated sexy zone; the Italian accent; but somehow also managed to skip sexy and land up second lowest spot on the list. This can’t be great for Romanian ego. But at least they aren’t Croatians. If we’re being absolutely honest, we listened to a Croatian accent a few seconds ago. How it landed up dead last is beyond us. Especially when you look up a YouTube video of ‘drunk Texan drawl.’ It really is a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

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