Samsung’s Comeback After The Note7

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of Android phones in the world. Not only that, they also have a reputation for producing the best phones on the market, in direct competition with Apple for performance, screen size and usability.

In the mobile casino industry, Samsung was leading the way with phones that were perfectly designed for mobile gaming. Whether it was a game of Jacks or Better video poker, the latest slots or a scratch card game, players tended to opt for Samsung devices if they wanted an Android phone. This was all before the arrival of the Samsung Note7 and the exploding battery debacle.

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 became the most infamous smartphone in the history of mobile devices. One device was directly responsible for evacuating a passenger jet, while another reportedly burnt a schoolchild when the phone burst into flames for no reason.

All around the world, reports of exploding phones and spontaneous combustion lead Samsung to initiate the biggest smartphone recall in history. But that is all behind us now. Samsung has manged to restore consumer faith in the brand and limit the damage to the company. So, how exactly did Samsung stage a comeback and get people to believe in them again?

Unveiling the Galaxy S8

It all hinged on the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the reallocation of the doomed Note7. With regards to the S8, industry experts said that there had never been so much pressure on a new smartphone to attract consumers, prove its safety and avoid bad press. We have to hand it to Samsung, though; they pulled it off with flying colours.

It all started weeks before arrival of the device was set to be launched. Samsung initiated an advertising campaign, the likes of which had never been seen before. They went about filling New York’s Time Square, the Lincoln Center and just about every radio station with promises of a phone that would change the way we look at smartphones.

Taking a page out of Steve Jobs’ book, Samsung then unveiled the S8 on a giant screen that extended across the ceiling. The company president took the opportunity to announce the beginning of a new era of smartphone design. With the public hanging on every word, DJ Koh announced the arrival of a phone without edges or limits. And so it was that Samsung’s two newest phones featured an unprecedented screen size of 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches. This was all achieved by the reducing of boarders and the complete elimination of a home button on the front face. According to Samsung’s product strategy vice president, the physical size of the screen will change how people use smartphones in the future.

New Era of Smartphone

Along with the larger screen, ultra HD display and vivid colour rendering, the S8 also features an artificially intelligent voice assistant programme named Bixby. In addition, it comes with an upgraded auto-focus front camera, an iris scanner and face detection software. Accessories for the phone include a 4K-capable 360-degree camera, the likes of which have never been seen before on a smartphone. All in all, Samsung lived up to their claims with an indisputably powerful product. But the S8 wasn’t the only way Samsung got the public back on their side.

Something had to be done about the Note7. Before any announcement was made, environmental groups and activists urged Samsung to commit to some sort of recycling plan. Up until that point, Samsung had the idea of tossing them into a landfill and basically putting the whole sordid mess behind them.

Recycling and Refurbishing

Thankfully, public relations played a role and Samsung soon announced plans to recycle and process the default units in an environmentally friendly manner. It soon came to light that Samsung would actually recover, utilise and resell all the reusable components of the Note7, such as the chips and camera modules. It would also extract rare metals and process each phone individually to minimise the environmental impact. As for the future of the Note7, Samsung has plans to sell refurbished units, but this time around, things will be a bit different. Instead of keeping the 3.500 mAh battery – the source of all the problems – Samsung has opted for the smaller 3.250 mAh power unit.

The minor modification to the power supply should ensure that none of the refurbished Note7’s will randomly combust. While it has not been confirmed, the problem originated with a battery that was too big to fit the inside of the unit properly. That, along with manufacturing issues from the battery supplier, all led to the issue of exploding and combusting phones.

So, to recap: Samsung made their sterling comeback by unveiling the world’s most advanced smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8. In addition, it gained the public’s trust by disposing and refurbishing the Note7 in an environmentally friendly way. Now, let’s see if Ford can do something similar after its cars started catching fire!

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