Running with the King of the Jungle in Lions Pride

Few animals on this planet elicit such a primal and awe inspired reaction as the lion. Known as Panthera leo, these big cats come from the genus Panthera and are a member of the Felidae family. Most commonly associated with Africa, where many of the subspecies of lions live, there are is also a small population in India as well. Wild lions used to inhabit most of Africa, Eurasia, and south Eastern Europe. About ten thousand years ago, Lions were the most widely spread big land animal right after humans. Today, they are classified as a vulnerable species as their population has continues to decline under pressure from human interaction and habitat loss.

Some are fortunate enough to see these animals in the wild, but most will only have the opportunity at their local zoo or Animal Park. Lucky for us, Microgaming has created an online casino slot that brings the excitement and beauty of the African plains right to our tablets or mobile phones. Let’s have a look at what his unique game has to offer.

Lion’s Pride

Lion’s Pride is a five reel, 100 payline non progressive slot from Microgaming. When loading in, it is immediately apparent that we’re looking at a safari themed slot. The art style is a cartoon style with an emphasis on quality and accuracy when portraying the various animals one might find on the African plains. Behind the reels, the player can see a darkened landscape with tall grass, and large shade trees. The African sun is setting and the sky is fading from light yellow to a dark burnt orange. Various animals, including different types of small game as well as large elephants can be seen silhouetted against the sky.

The name of the slot, Lion’s Pride, is at the top in a gold and yellow block font with a pile of coins and jewels in front of it. To the left and the right of the slot, the player can see that this is a 100 payline slot. At the bottom, players can adjust their betting options by changing the coin denomination or even betting the maximum amount available. Lines, coins, bet, win and remaining credits are all on display and easily accessed.

Symbols for this slot, as one might guess, are a mix of classic card symbols as well as various animals that one might find in the savannah. From least valuable to most valuable, the classic symbols include a golden ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The animals include a springbok, a zebra, a lion cub and a female and male lion. The Lion’s Pride symbol serves as the wild in this slot and can substitute for any symbol except for the scatter symbol when making winning combinations. The scatter symbol for this slot is a black and brown mask with the word scatter written in a bright yellow font.

Bonus Features

If you enjoy free spins then you’re going to love Lion’s Pride. Simply land three or more of the black and brown mask scatter symbol anywhere on the reels and you’ll kick off the free spins bonus feature. The player can win up to twenty five free spins during this bonus round and there’s a two times, three times, five times or even ten times multiplier which is randomly applied to winnings.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can risk your recent win with the gamble feature. Guess the correct colour or suit of the card to double or quadruple your winnings. Guess wrong and lose it all.

Are you ready for a safari? Grab your hiking boots and head out with Lion’s Pride!

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