Adventure Awaits in Relic Seekers Slot

Everyone remembers the adventures of Indiana Jones, or his female counterpart, Lara Croft. But none of us can go on such epic quests, since they are purely the stuff of fiction.

Or are they?

Now, you can be part of the tomb-exploring fun with a group of interesting friends in the new Relic Seekers online slot. This new release is set to go live at Mummys Gold online casino on August the 14th, and you’re invited to take part in the excitement. Of course, tomb exploring would be nothing without the rewards, which is why Relic Seekers rewards your dangerous journey with jackpots galore, and enough gold to build a house out of.

A Pulse 8 Microgaming Collab

Relic Seekers is a product of Pulse 8 Studios in a collaborative effort with industry legends Microgaming. Microgaming are award winning, with each of their titles renowned for being of highest quality. Pulse 8 are a newer studio, but have already made waves with their impressive debut efforts. In their portfolio are Badminton Hero and Fortune Girls, but Relic Seekers is the game they hope to make a name with.

From the looks of it, the game will certainly be just that; a groundbreaking achievement for the talented developers. A fine eye for art is what sets them apart, which is combined in Relic Seekers with a built-in, unfolding narrative experience. A combination that is sure to grip players and keep them coming back for more.

Meet Your New Friends

It was mentioned that Relic Seekers tells a story, and no story would be complete without a cast of characters. This is where the game shines. At its core, Relic Seekers tells the tale of three plucky heroes who venture into the Dragon’s Vein tomb. These heroes are a scientist named Professor Morgan, a young lady with shocking pink hair named Nora, and a tough no-nonsense adventurer named Free Man. A pooch named Tortas, who is more than just a furry companion, joins them. He helps out, and happens to be a valuable ally.

But the Dragon’s Vein tomb is a dangerous place. It is riddled with traps, and threatens to quickly take the lives of those who aren’t paying attention. But for those brave and smart enough to overcome the obstacles, massive rewards are waiting. Good luck!

Slots Specifications

Pulse 8 have outlined the specifications of the game, so that you know exactly what you’re facing when you take up the adventurers mantle. Relic Seekers works on a 3 row, 5-reel system, with 25 fixed paylines. The game is very high volatility, with a 96.03% return to player ratio. The hit frequency is 30.17%, making Relic Seekers a fast paced slots experience. In terms of betting, the minimum amount accepted is 0.25, and the maximum 500.00 coins per spin.

As with most slots, gameplay is based around matching symbols. In this case, the character’s faces act as symbols, along with various mysterious coloured icons. When symbols match on the reels, they grant a payout according to that symbol’s stated value. But now, add Wilds and Scatters to the mix, and things take an interesting turn.

A Wild, shown in the game as a hand lamp, will substitute for any other symbol, allowing it to match and create additional payouts. The Scatter symbol, Tortas the Alsatian, triggers special bonuses when activated. Needless to say; the bonuses are the quickest way to get your pockets weighed down with treasure.

A Closer Look at the Bonuses

Take a look at the bonus features that make Relic Seekers stand out, and turn your tomb exploring into the adventure of a lifetime. The key features are:

  • Collect Key
  • Free Spins
  • Free Spins Retrigger
  • Rolling Reels™
  • Symbol Turn Wild

Rolling Reels™ is a Microgaming creation. In traditional slots, matched symbols simply stay on the reels after being matched. But with Rolling Reels™ matched symbols disappear, allowing those above to fall into the empty space. This allows for multiple wins on a single spin, meaning more money in your pocket.

The Symbol Turn Wild feature is what puts Relic Seekers head and shoulders above the rest. It triggers with consecutive wins, which fits in nicely with the Rolling Reels™. Each time a consecutive win is achieved, character faces turn into Wilds on the reels, resulting in even more wins. The chain effect is not only impressive visually, but also impressive for your bank account.

Free Spins are awarded when Scatters, the Alsatian Tortas, are matched 3, 4, or 5 times. This can result in up to 10 free spins. Additionally, the FREE SPINS can be retriggered, if further Scatter matches are achieved during the free spins.

Finally we have Collect Keys. This, very simply, grants the player 2 free spins if the Key symbol lands anywhere on the reels.

Join In The Fun

Head on down to Mummys Gold, create an account if you don’t already have one, and explore the Dragon’s Vein tomb as part of the team. You won’t want to miss out on this adventure of a lifetime.

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