Rebuy Online Casino Tournaments Explained

When it comes to online casino tournaments, there is a pretty standard process that takes place where you have to pay a fee to enter before being given a predetermined stack of chips, though these don’t count for real money.

Your aim would then be to try and increase your stack as much as possible by playing and winning the games that have been designated to you, either until your time is up or you run out of chips.

The chip balance at the end essentially represents your score, and those players with the highest scores will split the prize pool. But what about those that simply aren’t ready to put their cards down?

Another Chance

Online tournaments that only allowed players to enter once were not a whole lot of fun, with people often getting knocked out in the early stages from an unfortunate stroke of bad luck. In fact, in some cases it was early enough to ensure that a player had no chance of making a comeback – which is exactly why they introduced the rebuy.

With rebuys, players actually get another chance if they opt to pay the additional fee. This also brings in the added benefit of even more money being collected for the final prize pool. Guaranteed prize pool tournaments generally offer bigger prizes, while pot prize tournaments offer a pot that is directly affected by the players that continue to enter.

Just about every single online casino tournament offers a rebuy option, and the format that they follow can truly be understood when you take a look at and honestly comprehend the essential terms that tend to define such tournaments.

The Rebuy Fee

One of the very first terms that you need to know to fully understand rebuy tournaments is the rebuy fee, which is ultimately the amount that is paid to the online casino by the player that is looking to re-enter the online casino tournament in question and replenish his stack of chips.

Most of the online casino tournaments that you will find today will require the same amount as the original fee when it comes to rebuy fees, however, the casinos that have offered a low entry fee in order to bring in low rollers will typically make sure that they make it up with a higher rebuy fee.

Rebuy Balance

While you may get a second chance to win, you can’t simply rebuy anytime you like, or any player would simply be able to increase their stack with a large number of rebuys, totally defeating the purpose of the online tournament. You may only rebuy once you have exhausted all of your play money chips.

Most online casino tournaments will offer rebuys at nominal balances of approximately $5 and this is referred to as the rebuy balance. This ultimately allows you to continue with the same betting pattern according to your strategy.

There is also a rebuy additional balance that you should familiarise yourself with, as it refers to the value of the chips you purchase when you rebuy.

Maximum Number of Rebuys

There are some online casino tournaments that will allow you to rebuy any number of times you like, largely due to the fact that it will increase the prize and thus weigh the event in the favour of the high rollers playing. With high rollers having higher bankrolls, it is easy to see why.

However, new players and low rollers are generally advised to avoid these kinds of tournaments, which is exactly why many online tournaments will limit the number of rebuys you are allowed in such a way that it fairly lends to low rollers and ensures an exciting event.

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