Popular Slots Themes In Online Casino Games

Online slots are some of the most diverse looking and playing games in the online casino world.

The basic principles of the slot game have not changed much over the years. It’s this foundation that developers like Microgaming build on top of and what has kept slot games so popular since their inception in the early days of casino gaming.

Their popularity extends across quite a wide social cross section, and its slots adaptability of theme that drives their continued popularity.

Popular Historical Themes

Hands down the most popular historical theme in slots is an Egyptian theme. This ancient culture still means mystery to us so it is quite understandable that people are still fascinated by their traditions and symbols. It is also a fact that Hieroglyphs and ancient Egyptian gods just look great in slot games!

Cleopatra’s Gold is one of the best examples of an Egyptian themed slot done right. There are also slots themed on the other great ancient cultures like the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Greeks and the Romans.

Money And Wealth Themes

Another popular theme in slots involves a theme of money, fame and riches. Games like Scrooge slot, Mega Moolah, CashSplash and Major Millions imply that these slots will reward players with big cash prizes, and they definitely do not fail to deliver!

These slots offer huge jackpot prizes that pay out often and have become some of Microgaming’s most popular slots.

If you really want to go for gold, try out Treasure Nile, which combines this money theme along with an Egyptian theme, a sure recipe for success!

Popular Culture Themes

Another reason why slots are so popular across age and social groups is due to the use of popular culture themes. These can include current movies and trends.

For example, there is Immortal Romance. Even though this is not a movie-licensed slot, it takes its theme from the popularity of romantic vampire movies and as a result, Microgaming reaped the rewards with another popular slot title. Then there are games like Game of Thrones™ and Jurassic Park™ to name just a few.

Slots Are Here To Stay

These are just a few examples of some of the possible slot themes. The chameleon like nature of slots to keep changing is all thanks to its simple core game play mechanic that lends itself to many different designs.

With bonus games you can even include a fresh game element like a picking game or a simple platform game, further endearing slots to its audience.

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