Phil Ivey’s Claim to Fame

You may have read about Phil Ivey’s lawsuit, his gambling wins or the controversy that’s been surrounding him lately, but there’s no denying he’s a legend at the tables. Lets find out more about the man who is considered to be something of a Tiger Woods of poker.

Phil Ivey has won pretty much every award there is to win, excluding the WSOP Main Event, securing his title as one of the world’s best poker players. While skill may be a clear factor to his captivating success, we’re taking a look at the many aspects of Phil Ivey’s life that have ultimately helped shape him into the astonishing poker player that he is today.

Ambitious Choices

It appears that the reasons for Ivey’s success can be seen in the very first stages of his life, crediting his grandfather for first getting him into card games like baccarat and poker, in spite of it not being his grandfather’s intention. In fact, he apparently even cheated at Five-Card Stud in order to try and deter his grandson from the gambling world, but found that it had the opposite effect entirely and led Ivey to boast his ambition of becoming a professional gambler.

At just 17, he was frequenting Atlantic City under his alias Jerome until he was legally able to appear as himself. It was then that his drive to play the biggest games that he could win at and subsequently make as much as he possibly could.

Poker Star on the Rise

Phil Ivey started to place the majority of his focus on high-stakes Vegas cash games to ensure he could make a possible $1 million in each session.

He then began to frequent big games, such as the one held at Bellagio that is regularly spread for big players like Daniel Negreanu and Doyle Brunson and has since become a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional poker.

Noteworthy Achievements

Phil Ivey has racked up a number of commendable achievements in his career, winning his first WSOP in 2000 and brought home his latest in 2014, which means he has earned half the bracelets that players like Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson have before reaching the age of 30.

In terms of the All Time Money List, Ivey currently sits at number 5 with his combined winnings averaging at about $24 000 000 thus far. His biggest win was achieved in 2014 when he brought home $250 000 at the Aussie Millions challenge. Despite seeing quite a large downsizing in recent years, Ivey continues to be one of the biggest online poker winners of all time.

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