Wellness Wear

Take your game to the next level with performance gearSource: Flickr

Good health and great gaming go hand in hand. It’s common knowledge that competitive e-sports players and pokies professionals alike need to be mentally and physically well to reach peak performance. What isn’t so well known is that both your wellness and your performance can be affected even by the clothes you wear. “Well fashion” is an emerging trend of clothes whose fabric or structure is designed to benefit the wearer’s mind, body or emotions in some way.  On top of that, clothing designers are starting to bring out performance clothing for gamers – clothes specifically geared to help you win more often.

Smart clothes

Well fashion was declared one of the biggest trends of 2019 at the recent Global Wellness Summit in New York. At last, the clothing industry has caught up with technology and manufacturers are starting to integrate wellness into their designs. Buki, for example, has limited edition shirts, hoodies and scarves that have collagen peptides for a healthy skin. Monsoon Blooms’ organic cotton garments are dyed with medicinal herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine in Kerala, India, they have a dye house where you can buy clothes specifically dyed to ease personal ailments. Moisture-wicking fabric helps wearers of Cool-jams sleepwear combat the night sweats brought on by diabetes, obesity and menopause. 

The future of wellness wear is wide open. Scientists at the University of Massachusetts’ Wearable Electronics Lab have learned how to coat clothes with polymers – turning off-the-shelf fabrics and yarns into electronic devices. Imagine wearing underwear that can monitor your heart rate, or fabrics that can monitor your breathing rate. In addition, the clothes are robust enough to be washed, ironed and folded without sacrificing comfort.

Scientists have developed underwear that can read your heart rateSource: Pixabay

Performance shorts and hoodie

Traditional athletes take their clothes very seriously because it allows them to maximize their competitive advantage. Now gamers have their own clothing designed for their specific competitive needs. Recently, gaming apparel company KontrolFreek introduced performance wear for gamers and professional e-sports players. The idea is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during a gaming session – and that you look good too. KontrolFreek’s Icon Performance Gaming Shorts are designed to combat the old problem of sweaty hands. Absorbent panel in the side of the shorts allow you to wipe the sweat off your hands without interrupting your game play. They also have a special gamer’s hoodie. The oversized hood allows you to play with your headphones. The hoodie also comes with absorbent panels so gamers can “easily dry their palms and fingers, mitigating thumb slippage to increase control and accuracy”. It could make all the difference between winning or losing, so why not give KontrolFreek’s innovative shorts and hoodie a try.

Sensational sneakers

Believe it or not, but now you can even buy shoes designed for gamers. This year, K-Swiss came out with the first ever performance gaming sneaker. The designers of the extremely lightweight ONE-TAP shoe shadowed professional e-sports players to figure out what their specific footwear needs were and came up with a slip-on construction for optimal comfort.  It seems that the most important thing about a good gaming shoe is that you can forget that you’re wearing it during the game. The heel can be folded and the “Flow Cool” TPU venting unit allows your feet to breathe in warm rooms.  If the room is cold, just cover the vents with a second in-sole provided for that purpose. ONE-TAP made its debut with a limited-edition $125 shoe featuring MIBR (Made In Brazil), IGC (Immortals Gaming Club) Esports’ elite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brand. The shoe has already sold out, so expect further iterations in the future!

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