Perfect Drinking Beverages For Casino Games

If there’s one thing everyone knows about casino games, it’s that you have to drink a Martini while playing them. Casino games are, after all, a very sophisticated activity, and only sophisticated drinking beverages will do. Perish the thought of drinking something as primitive as a beer, that simply wouldn’t do, and even attempting such sacrilege would surely have you ejected from any real world casino, into the cold damp street.

Thankfully, online casinos are a great deal more flexible with the beverage you drink while playing, and likely wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you decided to drink dishwater. So, all the dishwater-drinking enthusiasts out there can breath a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that their drinking habits are no longer being discriminated against.

In all seriousness, though, I personally find that the beverage one chooses to drink while playing casino games can have a rather profound effect on the experience. Much like the soundtrack to a movie, the beverage adds a certain layer to the mood, and can likewise even influence how one decides to play the game.

Let’s have a look at the best drinking beverages for your online casino game playing experience.

Never Face Poker Without A Drink

When playing poker, I generally like to compliment the mood with a sipping beverage. The added confidence of small amounts of alcohol tends to help me bluff more convincingly, which certainly goes a long way to helping improve my game. Plus, I’d lie if I said it didn’t feel like poker required some sort of drink. The game would less dramatic, I feel, if I couldn’t casually sip my beverage each time I upped the bet. It’s just the sort of dramatic flare poker needs to be truly memorable.

On the hand, I certainly wouldn’t recommend large amounts of heavy spirits. Poker is definitely more dramatic and enjoyable with a sipping beverage, but I feel would quickly spiral into bad decision making if chugging excessive amounts of something strong. I’ve found, in my case, that the more drunk I get, the less I understand the difference between false bravado, and carefully planned poignant drama. Let’s face it, the dramatic tension quickly fades when a person goes all in on a pair of fours, only to fail spectacularly.

Baccarat – Sophisticated Sipping

Given that baccarat has the reputation of being played by stout high rollers, the beverage choice here can be a bit tricky. I find that putting alcohol aside altogether is best, and instead sipping a mug of expensive tea, or overly strong coffee, is the wisest approach. Nothing says next level sophisticated like strange exotic tea, after all, and I’m the first to embrace that philosophy firmly with both arms.

Plus, it’s best if the tea is prepared in a fashion less than usual; to add that extra level of desired sophistication. Two sugars and a spot of milk would be expected, so instead preparing it with a pinch of salt, and dash of honey, is what you’re aiming for.

Salt in tea, others might exclaim. Yes, you could respond unflinchingly, how else would you have it? How the ladies will swoon.

Roulette – Get Amped

When playing a game of breakneck pace such as roulette, a person needs to meet the challenge with an equally psychotic drink choice. Thankfully, this is where a person can let loose and go all out, slamming back drinks haphazardly, perhaps even one for every three spins of the wheel. Given that the quantity of beverage is key here, shooters are a good choice. There is, there can be little doubt, nothing as satisfying as throwing back a drink, and slamming the empty glass back on the table, especially when it coincides with the flow of finances.

One doesn’t want to go too strong with alcohol content, although the temptation will certainly be there. Strong alcohol may seem like a good idea, but it is, in fact, clinically impossible to keep playing roulette if you are face down on the floor, singing show tunes and telling random strangers you love them. Instead, a good mid-range beverage is best, with an alcohol percentage of no more than about 25%. This will provide the kick required, without putting anyone into a show tune singing state.

Slot Games – Spin to Win

Slot games are unique in that they are open to just about any beverage choice. Going large and drinking hard, or taking it easy, since slot games are entirely luck based, a person can drink just about anything, without fear of making a bad decision.

So, if you’re looking to get slammed on expensive brandy, or just have an elegant glass of white wine, slot games are indifferent to the choice. If anything, slot games can be said to be the best friend of those who like to drink and play casino games, and fit just about any beverage you bring to the table. The only drink some may still raise an eyebrow at is dishwater. But remember, online slot games are the least judgmental of all.

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