Take A Step Back In Time!

Update: As of 20 June 2019, the online slot game Our Days, will not be available to play on Mummys Gold Online Casino

The quirky style and high-end graphics of Japanese anime are given a global makeover with Our Days, a slot game that revolves around one of the world’s most universal experiences: first love. Flash back to the innocence of those moments – the shy glances, fleeting looks and nervous butterflies – and join Joy, Nana, Lolita, Amber and Juliet as they struggle through the pangs of adolescence and tribulations of growing up. This all takes place against the backdrop of a mile-a-minute slot game that allows you to nab great jackpots and navigate through the milestones in the lives in these incredible young women.

A cutting-edge game that is unlike any other online casino has to offer, Our Days comes to life through its unique take on classic anime graphics. The bright colours and effortlessly catchy soundtrack capture this hugely iconic art style, while the down-to-earth storyline and relatable characters lend it boundless appeal. Crafted by Microgaming, this unique take on the world of slots will be available from the 19th of June 2019. Are you ready for the romance to begin?

A Modern Take on Nostalgic Visuals

Looking back, memories from our youth are always the clearest – long summer days with our friends, holidays with our families, school trips and outings, and more. There’s a magic to the past and Our Days captures that magic in a bottle (or a slot game!). We start with our five central characters, whose distinct personalities are immediately clear: sporty or studious, rebellious or shy, each of them is a new friend to discover and fall in love with. The girls pay out varying sums of money depending on their colour: match three red girls for ninety coins, three yellow or purple girls for seventy-five or three green or blue for sixty.

The rest of the symbols also capture the feeling of hazy school days surrounded by classmates and friends, and that special someone who has caught your eye. Jars of star-shaped sweets and bento boxes full of sushi are worth forty-two coins, while a crochet scarf and locked diary can net you thirty-six. The former makes an ideal gift for your secret love, while the latter hides your innermost thoughts and feelings. Finally, a carefully written love letter can be cashed out for thirty coins. Rack up three of any of these symbols in a row and you’ll be walking away with big winnings, and maybe the heart of your paramour.

The Prize Your Heart Desires

Our Days takes the form of a classic five-reel slot game, with three rows and 243 ways to win. The reels are read from left to right, with three matching symbols in this order amounting to a pay-out; the amount received depends on the symbols matched. Betting big can result in big wins, but the real aim of most players will be the grand jackpot: winning 90,000 coins is a pretty unforgettable experience, yet another memory to add to the ever-growing list. With the joys and triumphs of first love on the horizon, and a sizeable jackpot in your pocket, there’s plenty to wax nostalgic over in this one-of-a-kind slot game.

Bonus Features to Fall Head Over Heels for

There’s a learning curve to everything; looking back at those tentative moments when we fell in love for the first time, it’s easy to notice all the things we wish we’d known. Practice and experience, though, are the solution, which is something that Our Days takes into account.

When scatter symbols fall into your reels, they can have a profound effect on the way you play. If three of them line up, you’ll be granted eight free spins, which give you the chance to spin again without risking your prize pot to date. This is a fantastic opportunity for new players to build their familiarity with the game, without having to take too many risks. For experienced players, it’s a chance to win some extra cash and maintain your winnings to date. That’s not the end though. If you’re lucky enough to get four scatters on the reel, then you’ll receive ten free spins instead. Strike it really lucky and fill all five reels with scatters and you’ll have twelve free spins to master your skills and plump up your jackpot. Before you know it, you’ll be hanging with the pros and leaving those awkward stumbles in the past!

You Always Remember Your First Love

The heady intoxication of nostalgia is a powerful drug, but Our Days doesn’t dwell entirely in the past. Log in or create an account and you can discover a contemporary take on an age-old experience – the trials, tribulations and triumphs of first love!

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