Online Slots Myths Debunked

Slot games seem to attract all sorts of interesting myths and theories, form those that seem relatively believable, to those that are completely outrageous. Almost all are entirely false, but for some reason still tend to be passed from person to person. It certainly doesn’t help believing false facts about online slot games, and it goes without saying that a person should not believe everything they’re told by the gullible.

It helps to keep in mind that false facts about casinos and casino games have been around almost as long as casinos themselves. Wherever there are games of chance, silly untruths seem to spontaneously come into being, almost as if by some sort of magic.

The simple truth is, however, that false facts, much like superstitions, are a common occurrence where games of chance are concerned. This is because some people don’t like to deal with the idea that luck is the only real force at work, specifically with games of chance. Luck is an unknown, and an unknown is something beyond the control of a person. And where uncontrollable unknowns are concerned, superstitions and false facts are created to bring some semblance of order.

Let’s look at a few common online slot game false facts.

Online Slots Are Controlled

There are a number of false facts and untruths based around online slot games being under the direct control of website employees. The idea is that a person is sitting on the other end of the internet connection, directly influencing the game in real time. The sneaky person adjusts the game as you play, restricting payouts, luring players with smaller payouts, and otherwise tricking the unsuspecting victim as they play.

It need not be said that this is complete nonsense. Not even taking into consideration that a website would need hundreds, if not thousands of employees to manually interfere with all the players, at any given time, the idea is a complete myth. Online slot games are completely automated, and no employee at any website has any means of controlling the games. Each slot game is simply software that runs according to strict rules, and may never deviate from the rules at any time. It is completely impossible that any game may be interfered with at any time.

Online Slot Games Cheat

The myth is that online slot games can, in one way or another, cheat players out of their money at will. Apparently online slot games may change their programming, as if by some sort of mysterious magic, and not operate according to the laws of chance. Myths include stories that slot games may deny jackpots; alter the course of games to steal money, or any other such nonsense.

As already said, slot games work according to a strict set of rules that are hard-wired directly into the programming. There is no way that a slot game can do anything but what it is strictly programmed to do. Thinking that this programming could change at any given moment is like thinking that your mobile phone could suddenly start sending elaborate texts to your contacts, completely of its own accord. It just isn’t possible.

It may help to keep in mind that online slot games are complicated, sophisticated pieces of software, and that altering their programming in any way would require a team of experienced, qualified programmers. Plus, officials paid to monitor software at every online casino would immediately notice any change to the software.

Slots Pay More At Certain Times

One myth that has been around for decades is that slot games are designed to be more generous at certain times of day, or depending on their location in the casino. The myth is based around the idea that casino owners like to lure customers by making the games more generous, depending on how visible they are, or what time of day it is.

It need not be repeated that slot games may not deviate from pure chance, lest they break the laws of established physics. Slot games are always random, all the time. If any patterns are perceived in how a slot game operates, this is simply a case of the human mind seeing patterns where there are none. Humans do similar things when they see faces in clouds.


As already said, the simple truth is that online slot games are not sentient, and cannot behave of their own free will. If you are convinced that an online slot game you’ve played is capable of cheating you, we strongly recommend contacting the local news, because it’s a miracle, and the biggest unprecedented event since computers were first invented.

For the rest of us, we’ll keep playing slot games because they’re fun, offer great entertainment, and a completely random chance of winning big!

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