Online Roulette Versus Real World Roulette Wheel

If I have not already made it abundantly clear up until this point, allow me to make it even clearer; digital technology fascinates the pants off of me. Yes ladies, if you deconstruct that sentence you will learn that the fastest way into the pants of this balding, nearly middle-aged man is knowing the difference between a CPU and GPU. I’m just the epitome of alluring, aren’t I?

In particular, an aspect of modern digital technology that bends my brain and sets it on fire is simulated physics. Seeing a stack of simulated digital boxes go tumbling over never fails to drop my jaw to the ground. There are no boxes, there is no gravity, it’s all a simulation, but one so real that my brain is all but ready to insist that what I’m seeing is real boxes reacting to real physics. It’s astonishing.

But, I ask now a very serious question, mostly because it relates to a few points I’m going to make about a simulated Roulette wheel. Just how close are those simulated boxes to a stack of real world boxes? The answer is this; the simulated boxes are not a good reflection of real boxes, and a simulated Roulette wheel is not a good reflection of a real Roulette wheel. They are, objectively, not the same thing.

Digital Roulette Simulation

A simulated Roulette wheel is a pretty impressive looking display. The wheel spins, the ball clatters around convincingly, and the whole deal looks pretty much like a real Roulette wheel. But what if I told you that a simulated Roulette wheel does not follow the same patterns as a real Roulette wheel? “What,” I hear you say, “Madness! Call the authorities!”

A digital simulation of a Roulette wheel is designed, very well I might add, to be more or less an entirely unbiased random number generator. Some simulated Roulette wheels do not use a physics engine at all, and simply throw up a number at random. This works, and is fair. Other simulations use a 3D rendered physics wheel, and achieve more or less the same result; a random number generator.

It all works very well, and I would say it’s about as fair as you could possibly hope for. But, and hold onto your monocle for this one; the fact that a simulated Roulette wheel is completely random and fair is exactly the problem, and what makes it an inaccurate representation of a real Roulette wheel.

Roulette Wheel Probability

There are thousands of small, unseen factors that influence a real world Roulette wheel. A Roulette wheel is a physical object, which means it has flaws, and those flaws make it less than a perfect random number generator. Small, imperceptible details mean that the wheel, against the best intentions of those who designed it, is going to be biased, in one way or another.

Now, let’s just be clear; I’m not suggesting that a real world Roulette wheel will sway obviously to prefer certain numbers. At least, I’m not suggesting it will be noticeable or exploitable by anyone who doesn’t have months of time on their hands, and an inhuman amount of patience.

But, it just so happens that, over great lengths of time, a pattern will develop in the results of a real world Roulette wheel. It is impossible that such patterns don’t form, because, as I said, a Roulette wheel is a physical object.

Digital Perfection

The simulated boxes I mentioned may look great, but don’t represent real boxes at all. Real boxes have imperfections; they bend and break, squash and stretch, one is not the same as the other, and all this will greatly affect how they behave when they fall. Simulated boxes are, in other words, perfect, and this is not accurate to the real world.

The same is true for a simulated Roulette wheel; it is perfect, like the ultimate Roulette wheel caught in a vacuum of perfection, where it may never be anything but perfect. This is also not accurate, and not a simulation of a real Roulette wheel.

Fair Is Fair

Regardless, if you are playing online Roulette, the fact that the wheel is not a perfect simulation shouldn’t be a concern. The purpose of a digital Roulette wheel is to provide an unknown event upon which bets may be placed, and this is exactly what is provided. If you were annoyed now knowing that you cannot sit and find a pattern in the results of a digital Roulette wheel, I would venture to say you probably need a hobby, or something else to occupy your time. As far as placing bets goes, a simulated Roulette wheel is certainly the fairest option, arguably even fairer than a real world Roulette wheel.

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