From Pokies to AR: Gaming Galore

Console gaming is bigger than everSource: Pixabay

2020 is poised to be a huge year for gaming. Now more than ever, gaming is readily accessible and there is a game to suit everyone’s taste – from open-world adventure to interactive strategy, the battlefields of WW2 and beyond. Fans of online casino games can even look forward to VR pokies. But how has the industry come so far, and what exciting new developments are there to look forward to in the coming era of gaming? Let’s look at some of the trends.

2020: Cross Platforming and Consoles

Consoles have a devoted following among gamers who play anything from the FIFA football series to online casino games, so the release of a new console is always a big event. 2020 marks 20 years since the iconic PS2 was released and the scene has come so far since then, as big tech companies constantly strive to provide gamers with bigger and better hardware. Both Microsoft and Sony have announced their next-gen consoles, namely the Xbox X and PS5 respectively. Gamers can look forward to exciting new graphics (like 4K 60 FPS) and performance improvements across the board, no matter what style of gaming you enjoy. Don’t have the $500 to spend on the new console? Don’t fret! Gaming tech manufacturers have greatly improved cross-platform gameplay, meaning users with older consoles can play with new gen users, as well as the fact that in a single online lobby, there can be a multitude of players using anything from a PC to a mobile device to the old Xbox One to the new PS5.

From Pokies to PUBG: The Rise of Mobile Gaming

It is simply astounding to reflect upon how far games have come since the days of playing Tetris on a “brick” phone. Gone are the days of pixelated, low quality games that were designed as superficial boredom busters. Today, some of the most technologically demanding and competitive games can be found on mobile devices. Examples of this are mobile adaptations of the giants PUBG and Fortnite. Both of these games were previously only able to run on gaming specific PC’s and consoles. However companies like Tencent partnered with the developers to bring these games to mobile platforms. In fact, there are so many games to choose from on app stores, it almost seems as though phones were never designed for anything but gaming! This is obviously of huge benefit, as now everyone with a mobile phone can play anything from pokies to PUBG on the go, without spending exorbitant amounts on new consoles and devices.

Augmented reality is going to be bigSource: Pixabay

Increased Variety and New Genres Emerging

Ever heard of Augmented Reality (AR) gaming? This brand-new style of gaming transforms a player’s cell phone into a virtual projector to the real world. To make a simple analogy, just like Google Maps shows people nearby restaurants and venues in real time, these games provide players with real-world objectives and tasks to complete.  Thanks to technology, petrolheads are even getting their game on. For a few thousand dollars, players can invest in a fully functional, immersive simulation racing rig. These set-ups consist of a wrap-around screen, a physical steering wheel, gear shifter and seat, all with full force feedback and vibration. F1 drivers use these rigs to train, and they are the closest thing to a real driving experience one can get. These are just a mere two out of the thousands of new categories of games that are emerging every day.

A Boom in Gaming as Entertainment

t is a well-known fact that in these modern times, players do not have to physically be playing a game to be enjoying it. There are YouTube creators and Twitch streamers that have risen to the heights of superstardom thanks to their gaming content. The gaming channel PewDiePie, for example, has an astounding 100 million followers. In addition to the above mentioned, there is currently a huge spike in the Esports craze. Media analysts at Activate predict that by 2021, at least 84 million people will be active viewers of Esports. That is more than US Major League Baseball and Basketball. Competitive gaming is already looking to be a lucrative prospect for investors, and is only set to further expand. Even the online casino industry is getting in on the act, with live casino games that enable people to participate or spectate. With the rapidly evolving and developing gaming scene, who knows where the future is set to take us?

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