Noori’s Failed Non-Poker Bet

Matt Savage, director of the World Poker Tour and all-around entertainer and officiator extraordinaire, created some new hype with a prop bet in May 2017. He challenged Poker player Mike Noori to a McDonald’s binge -and said he would pay out 5-1 odds if he succeeded in eating $1,000 of the fast food in a day and a half.

Extensive Stipulations 

The limits that Savage placed on the bet actually made it even more difficult to win than it first appeared, and included rules such as a maximum spend of $200 on salads, and not counting any drinks’ cost as part of the $1000 total.

Many people took to twitter and chat forums to speculate how Noori would achieve this feat. Some people thought the add-ons that are available at the franchise at great expense would be what made it possible, and Savage was sure that Noori would have a clever angle.

What Went Down 

The day of the challenge arrived on 21 May 2017. Noori was hoping to consume 70,000 calories and win a $200,000.00 payout for his troubles. Unsurprisingly to most people, he failed quite abysmally at  this.

Noori arrived at the challenge in fine spirits, dressed up as the famous Hamburgler, one of the characters that the McDonalds chain uses to entertain and appeal to children. He bought McFlurrys, McNuggets, Parfaits, chicken breasts, bacon strips and a huge amount of guacamole.

As many people had speculated, Noori also bought a huge about of bags of apple slices, since these are costly but do not pack a very hard calorie punch. He transformed these into a paste that he shovelled into his mouth!

Despite his grit and planning, however, the Poker star came undone early on, not even managing to consume $100 worth of food.

The Important Winners 

Though Noori didn’t win anything and even, according to the conditions of the bet, had to split the costs of the food with Savage, some important money was generated from this strange stunt.

It seems Noori might have intended to use the foolish bet as a chance to raise funds all along, and so wasn’t really in it to actually eat 70,000 calories in 36 hours. Instead, he worked with fellow Poker professional Phong Nguyen to use the challenge as a fundraiser for the impoverished population in Vietnam.

Everything also seems to have been done in good spirits, and Savage publicly thanked Noori for turning the bet into a humanitarian effort. So it is possible for all to end well – and for the lives of the needy to be a little improved. For now though, Noori is probably content to stick to Poker!

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