Scandi-Tropicana Combos in Tiki Vikings

Microgaming is a software developer that has always been ahead of the pack, and they’ve been powering quality casinos since 1994. That’s why they are the chosen software brand at Mummys Gold!

One of the reasons players love Microgaming so much is that, even after all these years, the team is as innovative as ever. The company is always looking for new ways to spice up gaming experiences, and their mentoring initiative with up-and-coming developers is a perfect example of this.

By partnering with fledgling companies, the industry behemoth is able to supply its loyal fan base with some really original and exciting content. At the same time, the start-ups benefit from wider distribution and greater resources. They also get to learn at the feet of a master. This is the definition of a win-win situation and everybody benefits – including, most importantly of all, the players! Who doesn’t want creative games, offering Microgaming’s incredible quality, rolled out on a regular basis?

The Tiki Vikings video slot is part of this great new tradition, and was developed in collaboration with the Swedish-based Just For The Win brand. Already known for their detailed and engaging video slots, the company was a perfect fit for the quirky sense of humour that characterises so many of Microgaming’s releases. The result is a slot based on what might happen if bloodthirsty Vikings were ever shipwrecked or stranded on a tropical island and took the idea of a tiki bar home with them. Unlikely? Admittedly, yes. Entertaining? Most definitely!

Embrace Your Inner Viking

The real Vikings were incredible warriors, who plundered and pillaged their way around a lot of the world in their famous longboats. In fact, the word “Viking” was not always a noun – it was the act of successfully attacking and subduing a village or group of people. The Vikings were so successful at it that, over time, that’s what they came to be called.

Of course, we would never encourage such aggressive behaviour in real life. But if you’d like to let your winning instinct out to play and “go Viking” for some big payouts, this Just For The Win/Microgaming collaboration is the perfect way to do so! The beach-style bar that the reels are set in has a friendly atmosphere, even if it is covered in a healthy layer of Scandi snow. The one thing this they’ll never run out of at this particular watering hole is ice for the drinks!

The punchy graphics show Vikings with typically long hair and fierce expressions, but also with beards decorated in flowers and other tropical accoutrements. The lower-value symbols are the usual playing cards, they’re rendered to look as if they are made of wooden boards and would look perfectly in place at any Tiki bar.

The overall combination is adorable, and will put you in a winning mood as soon as you start playing the 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline game. The 96.01% payout rate, 20.97% hit rate, and the top jackpot of 75,000 coins on this medium-volatility slot, will surely keep you in that state of mind. Minimum and maximum wagers per spin are set at 0.1 and 250 respectively, so everyone will be able to afford to play – no actual plundering required.

Extra Features Boost Your Takings

The Viking culture was all about taking as much as they could get, and Microgaming and Just For The Win are both devoted to giving their players as much as possible. Considering these facts, it’s not really surprising that Tiki Vikings has a slew of fantastic special features that will seriously level up your wins.

Interestingly, for a video slot of this calibre, no Scatter or Wild Symbols are used. Instead, a very unique and intriguing system has been created, and is based around the key Symbol Lock Re-Spin feature. When a high-value set of symbols lands on the reels, each icon locks in place and a single Re-Spin is awarded. If another winning pattern is seen on this Re-Spin, that combination is also frozen in place and you get an additional Re-Spin.

With every lock and Re-Spin, a little more is added to the Symbol Upgrade Meter. When the Meter is completely full, each of the combinations that are currently locked in place level up, to the next-highest combination, and pay out accordingly.

Tiki Vikings is About to Drop

The hype surrounding Tiki Vikings has been building for some time, so you’ll be glad to know that they wait is almost over. The game goes live at Mummys Gold on 7 August 2019, and if you play here you’ll be able to enjoy the best online casino bonuses in the business at the same time as the slot’s incredible features.

Dust off your lei and enjoy that tropical island vibe, while indulging your Viking-like desire to win, and spin the Tiki Vikings reels at Mummys Gold!

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