A Dark Matter Slot Designed to Thrill

Mummys Gold is renowned for having an excellent selection of casino games. This includes a vast library of slots, and wide range of table games, including online Roulette. But on the 22nd October 2019 the casino will be expanding its already exceptional selection, welcoming perhaps the best slot in many years; A Dark Matter.

A Dark Matter, created by Slingshot Studios and Microgaming, is themed around a Victorian era mystery. Lord Wraith, the Lord of Wraith Manor, disappeared many years ago. But still his presence is felt in the shadowy and brooding Manor halls. What’s more is that the residents of nearby Stonehurst are plagued by mysterious disappearances. Suspicions are that something dark is transpiring in the Manor, but what exactly and who might be involved is unknown.

Head to Mummys Gold on the 22nd October, look into the mystery yourself, and discover what befell Lord Wraith all those years ago.

A Visual Masterpiece

There is no question that A Dark Matter has excellent gameplay, with features such as Invading Wilds taking things to the next level. But what really helps this game stand head and shoulders above the rest is the incredible artwork. Clearly very talented artists at Slingshot Studios worked on the game, putting in enormous amounts of effort to bring Wraith Manor to life. The images drip with brooding ambience and atmosphere, including the surprisingly large cast of characters. The characters are also the play symbols in this case, so it pays to get to know them before you start spinning the reels.

Other symbols are the traditional 10, J, Q, K, and A, and they are accompanied by the expected Scatter and Wild.

Cast Of Characters

Molly Perkins just started working at Wraith Manor, but already she gets the feeling that something isn’t right. She has an urge to do a bit of snooping, but we all know what curiosity did to the poor cat.

Silas Brewer has long been committed to the Wraith family. He feels strong loyalty, and is willing to do just about anything to ensure that the family heritage is not brought into disrepute. He could well spell danger for any investigators.

Bertram Lynch is a police officer, and he trusts his instincts. Those instincts are telling him that something strange is going on at Wraith Manor, and he is hell bent on finding out what.

Eleanor Wraith, currently overlooking the Manor, probably knows what’s going on. But she isn’t about to let slip that Lord Wraith fell under the spell of a dark statue many years ago. In fact, she may just put a stop to any investigations.

Last we have Nathan Highmore. He has been brought in to help solve the unusual events occurring at Wraith Manor. Will his work bring him closer to the truth? Does he want to really know the truth?

 A Dark Matter Specifics

In order for players to understand what the chances of winning are, Slingshot Studios have released the core statistics of the game. They are as follows.

A Dark Matter is a 5×3 slot, utilising 5 fixed paylines. The game has a 96.18% RTP, is high volatility, and has a 20.24% hit rate. The betting limits are a minimum of 0.05 coins, and a maximum of 50.00 coins.

This is everything you need to know to start your investigation. Now let’s learn more about the tools you have at your disposal.

Invading Wilds And Bonus Features

Here are the special features that will be guiding you on your investigation. Use them wisely, and you might just crack this case.

  • Stacked Wilds come into play every time a Wild appears on reels 2 or 4. Upon landing on one of these reel, or both, the Wilds will expand to cover the entire reel.
  • Invading Wilds are triggered when both reels 2 and 4 are covered by Wilds. The already present Wilds will invade adjacent reels, creating a massive wall of high paying Wilds. Needless to say, pockets get heavy when this feature is brought into play.
  • The Free Spins are where things really get interesting. If 3 Scatters appear on the reels, the player finally gets a peek inside Wraith Manor. What happens to be inside is 12 Free Spins, which will play out automatically. But if another Scatter is earned during these spins, and additional spin is awarded. You might also get a peek into the mystery of the Manor, if you pay careful attention.

Take Up The Investigator’s Mantle

Wraith Manor is waiting to explored, needing only those brave enough to undertake the task. Will you be one of the adventurous that head to Mummys Gold on the 22nd October 2019, dive in, and start interrogating the interesting cast of characters? Remember; the game is optimised for play on both mobile device and desktop, so you can play anytime you choose!

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