Enjoy Classic Slots Action With Seven 7’s

Seven 7sSource: Microgaming

If you enjoy classic-style slots with a twist, Seven 7’s is the game for you! This highly volatility online pokies game drops on 18 February 2020, and brings old-school aesthetics and design to your smartphone or desktop.

The theme of Seven 7’s is a nautical adventure on the high seas, aboard what seems to be an old luxury liner, with a dash of gambling fun thrown in for good measure. You’ll see classic fonts and ornate trims, and the game itself is set in front of a curtained stage that looks as if cruise ship entertainers are waiting in the wings!

Sail on a Sea of Wins

The theoretical Return to Player percentage in Seven 7’s is an impressive 96.6% and the hit rate is 20.83%. The base game starts off with just 1 reel, but this can go up to 7 as you play. You can bet as little as 0.2 or as much as 10.00 credits on each spin, and can win up to 250,000 – or 25,000x 10 credits – when you play.

Another Crazy Tooth Studio Triumph

Independent developer Crazy Tooth Studio is the power behind Seven 7’s, and with this slot they live up to their reputation for innovative and original games. Their fresh ideas are complemented perfectly by the experience and resources that Microgaming brings to every project, so when they worked together on Seven 7’s it was a match made in collaborator heaven.

Microgaming has been teaming up with smaller companies for a while now, to take advantage of fresh talent while remaining at the top of the gambling software industry. The independents also get a good deal, since Microgaming is a behemoth with a massive distribution network and a wealth of knowledge that has been amassed over the decades that the company has been in business.

Best of all, the ones who benefit most are actually the players themselves. The graphics, functionality and overall themes are all top of the line, and with a hint of sophisticated steampunk in its look Seven 7’sTM is no different.

Seven 7sSource: Microgaming

A Single-Row Slot

Remember we mentioned how creative the team over at Crazy Tooth Studio is? And that we said up to 7 reels can appear on the screen in this game? Let us tell you a little more! In an ingenious interpretation of classic slots, there’s just one row here and it starts out with one reel only.

The only icons on the reels are a 7, a bar symbol, and a 2x Wild Multiplier. When you land a 7, a second reel is added to the single original reel. If both now show 7s, another reel is added and spun. This continues all the way up to 7 reels, and you’re paid out for 2 or more 7s in consecutive order.

The bar is simply a placeholder that doesn’t award anything, while the 2x icon appears on Reels 2, 3 5 and 6 only and acts as both a Wild and a Multiplier. That means it can stand in for any 7 in a consecutive line-up to help make up more paying combinations, and multiplies any win that it is a part of by 2. More multipliers in the same sequence means more doubling of payouts.

This particular brand of expanding reels is a new game engine known as Continuwin, because you continue to win with every 7 that you land, and is a perfect example of Crazy Tooth Studio’s groundbreaking ideas. We expect to see it on other top-draw slot releases in the future.

Release the Kraken on 18 February

] With payouts as large as the kraken (a mythical Scandinavian sea monster) itself, Seven 7’s is sure to become a popular favourite among players as soon as it lands.

Seven 7sSource: Microgaming

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