Real Roulette with Bailey Comes Alive

The real Bailey awaits you at the tableSource: Microgaming

Real Roulette with Bailey is the next big thing in online Roulette. Here at Mummys Gold, we’ve always prided ourselves in bringing the latest and greatest games at our desktop and mobile casino, which is why we were thrilled to roll out the latest Real Dealer Studios/Microgaming collaboration on 20 January 2020.

Let Bailey Entertain You

Real Roulette with Bailey is hosted by Bailey; a gorgeous blonde clad in a tight red dress. Real Dealer Studios recruited a professional director, actor and production crew to create Bailey’s engaging Roulette table.

Players get to interact and exchange witty banter with the lady in red, while the game plays absolutely seamlessly. Bailey herself is a real person, as they would experience with any live dealer game, but the game’s mechanics are actually run using certified Random Number Generation, or RNG, software.

Blending RNG and live dealer technology together is what allows the smooth loading of Live Roulette with Bailey, error-free dealing, easy game resumption if there’s a technical hitch, faster rounds and guaranteed fair results, with the singular thrill of playing with a real croupier. In short, when players play with Bailey, they truly get the best of both worlds.

How to Play Real Roulette with Bailey

Real Roulette with Bailey follows the standard European Roulette rules, so it is low volatility with a 97.3% return to player percentage and a hit rate of 48.65%. Players will move their chips onto the realistic-looking betting board by dragging them with a mouse or finger, on a desktop or touchscreen respectively.

Players can bet as little as 0.25 or as much as 125 on each spin of the wheel, and stand to win as much as 54,500. As they are chatting with Bailey via cinema-quality video streaming, they’ll place their bet and watch the wheel spin, before the RNG results are shown on the screen.

Play-Enhancing Special Features

As entertaining and rewarding as basic Roulette is when players play with Bailey, there are some exciting special features to make it even better – and we’d expect nothing less from Microgaming and Real Dealer Studios!

Access Racetrack Bets and Favourite Bets by tapping or clicking on the Racetrack and Favourites buttons and get an alternative betting track layout and easy access to the player’s most-used wagers.

Racetrack Bets also opens up a few new wagering options. Players can store up to 6 Favourite Bets to make their games go even faster and more smoothly. Favourite Bets is also the screen that players will use to access the 10 Special Bets that are available.

The Special Bets are the Red and Black Splits, Orphelins, Orphelins Plein, Tiers du Cylindre, Voisins du Zero, Snake, Zero Game, 007 and Random 7, and each of them will spice up the Roulette game. In Red and Black Splits, place the chips on 4 red or 4 black pairs of numbers that sit adjacent to each other on the betting table, while the Orphelins and Orphelins Plein wagers predict that the ball will hit somewhere within 2 ranges of numbers, or within 1 range of numbers.

Tiers du Cylindre are bets on the ball landing within a range of numbers covering a third of wheel, Voisins du Zero predicts that it will land in a panel surrounding the 0, and Zero Game says the ball will hit the 0 itself or one of the panels closest to it. Snake is named for the patterns that its 12-number range makes on the table, and Random 7 is a bet on a set of 7 random panels.

Finally, 007 is also named for the pattern it makes on the table; it literally looks like 2 0s followed by a 7.

Stats to Help Your Betting Decisions

The last special feature we need to mention about is Statistics, which players can access by hitting the button with the same name. Here, the previous hundred spins are analysed to give players data on hit percentages, hot and cold numbers, Outside Bets’ winning frequency, and other useful figures. Make informed decisions using this info, and you could enjoy Real Roulette with Bailey.

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