Slots Sequel Break Away Deluxe Coming Soon

Break AwaySource: Microgaming

If you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have missed that the world is rapidly adapting to computers. More specifically, the little ones we all now carry around in our pockets, otherwise known as mobile phones. These portable super computers are evolving the world, and virtually every industry has had to make some changes to accommodate them. The online casino industry is no different. Hence we have Break Away Deluxe, coming to Mummy’s Gold on the 23rd July 2019. A prime example of what happens when industries start making those adaptions; awesome next level slots games are created!

A History Of Awesome Reincarnated

Those who are savvy with their online casino history will know that this is not the first time Break Away has graced us with its presence. It was first released in 2012, created by industry legends Microgaming. The developers don’t have a stellar reputation for nothing, and their shrewd decision to combine ice hockey and slots saw instant success.

Fast forward seven years and Stormcraft Studios, friends of Microgaming, had an epiphany. Spider-Man can be reinvented and rereleased several times over in barely a decade they thought, so why not an awesome slots game? Hence; Break Away Deluxe was born; awesome reincarnated.

Adapted For Your Mobile Pleasure

Stormcraft Studios took the original Break Away, put it under the surgeon’s blade, and what emerged was a result that is glorious to behold. Break Away, but now streamlined and adapted for mobile devices. Or more specifically; touchscreen devices. Be it tablet or smartphone, the game is now specifically designed to offer the best possible experience, using nothing but a finger. But that’s not all. The game has also been upgraded in its transformation, with better graphics and new features. Plus, of course, regardless of whether you are playing on a petite smartphone or the bulkiest of tablets, the picture will always be perfectly sizes. Spider-Man wishes he had this sort of care and attention in his reboots.

Key Features

Break Away Deluxe isn’t popular just because it looks and sounds like a game of ice hockey, although that certainly helps. The game itself is also an exceptional one. There are multiple interesting features, which although don’t make too much sense as far as ice hockey is concerned, certainly make for an extremely engaging slots experience. Included are in the hot new release are:

  • Free Spins
  • Rolling Reels™
  • Growing Wilds™
  • Multiplier Trail
  • Smashing Wild™

Break Away

More Paylines Mean More Fun

Ask any slots enthusiast what really gets them excited about a game and they’ll tell you lots and lots of paylines. In this regard, Break Away Deluxe has you covered, offering a grand total of 88 on a 5-reel system. But the player also gets the luxury of choice. 88 is the maximum, but less paylines can be activated for those who want to ease up and take things a bit slower. 18, 38, 68 and 88 paylines can be selected by tapping the desired number on the left of the reels.

The Nuts And Bolts

Let’s take a closer look at those fancy features we already mentioned, and get an idea of how they work. Microgaming created The Rolling Reels™ system, hence the trademark sign. It’s a unique take on slots reels, working in the same expected fashion, but with an added bonus. When symbols match they disappear, allowing the symbol above to drop in and occupy the empty space. This means additional matches are possible, allowing for multiple, consecutive wins in a single spin.

Smashing Reels™ is an equally impressive feature. It sees ice hockey players skate onto the reels at random, transforming the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel into Wilds. Massive wins are possible, and without any action required from the player.

Free Spins! The name says it all. Manage to land at least 3 Scatter symbols on the reels and a bonus mini-game is triggered. 12 free spins can be scored, which play out automatically and rack up the cash. During this mini-game sequence the following two features also become available.

What happens if you score consecutive wins during the Free Spins sequence? Why, the Multiplier Trail kicks in, of course. Each additional win adds a multiplier, up to a total of 8. You’ll be singing ‘I’m in the money’ in no time.

Finally we have Growing Wilds™. This feature sees the possibility of any Wild symbol growing to cover parallel spaces, up or down. Watch them spread until potentially occupying and entire reel.

Brace Yourself For The Arrival

Now that you know why Break Away Deluxe is an exceptional slot, you’ll probably want a reminder of when it will be available at Mummy’s Gold. It’s 23rd July, so plenty of time to brush up on your ice hockey knowledge before then. We’re just joking, knowledge of ice hockey is not required to win. Just you, a winning attitude and a sense of fun is all that’s needed.

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