Mummys Gold’s Cool Video

I’m not too much of a gambler but after I got a look at the Mummys Gold brand video, I thought twice. Heck, I didn’t just think twice, I clicked on over. If you’re a smartphone user, then I suggest you swipe and tap your way there because this is an experience you’ll not want to miss. I was truly intrigued by this video. It was short, no more than 30 seconds in all honesty, but it ignited my imagination. You don’t need to tell me twice that the Egyptian theme is a staple in the casino world. It’s something that games designers keep coming back to. Book of Ra, Throne of Egypt, Queen of the Nile and Mega Moolah Isis video slots are literally ripples in a pond. It all adds up to proof of concept. Gamblers it appears, adore this theme, and Mummys Gold knows this all too well. Check out their little video and you’ll see for yourself. It whets the appetite and gives you an idea of the kind of experience you’ll be in for.

Did it follow through?

Yes, I think it did. Sure, the video was short but it did exactly what it was supposed to do; it told me what its brand identity was about and thus the type of vibe it would try and impress upon me.  Now look, I’m no idiot, and I’m sure that if you’re old enough to gamble, then you’re old enough to know the difference between good advertising and bad advertising. So the real question then becomes, did Mummys Gold follow through? Was the nifty little video indicative of the player experience? Well boys and girls, that’ something I leave to you. In fact, if you do so happen to check out Mummys Gold, why not tell me what you thought in the comment box at the bottom? In the meantime, I’ll tell you about my findings.

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When I got there

I clicked through and arrived at the actual Mummys Gold Casino Online. I pulled out my trusty smartphone and attempted to load the casino on there too. I wanted to see if there was a difference. I mean let’s face it, how much time do we actually spend in front of our computers for social reasons these days? Smartphone tech has made me so lazy that anything PC-related that I can do on my smartphone almost always ends up being done on my smartphone. I was impressed by the mobile setup. The casino adapted to the dimensions of my phone and provided a menu that lead to all the essentials; things like Support, Games, Language Selection etc.

As I eagerly slid my thumb up to scroll down, I was delighted to see a host of video slot games, each sporting themes of such variation, I knew immediately it would take me a long time to get through everything. And that’s something you want from a casino experience. You want range, selection and choices, and Mummys Gold delivered, big time. The colour scheme of the video was relayed by the casino with its purple and gold aura. This aura engulfed the entire website and perfectly fed into the concept that the video was trying to deliver.

Parting Comments

Mummys Gold has a lot going on, believe me! The concept of giving you a fully realised casino with real money opportunities is perfectly realised by this place. It’s the weirdest thing; I look down at my smartphone in my hand and it blows my mind a little, the fact that I can enjoy land-based quality games at my convenience and win. It doesn’t hurt to know the casino wants to maintain my loyalty by way of various deposit offers and that I can climb a loyalty ladder. There’s a lot of jibber-jabber at the bottom to define its legitimacy and if you look carefully at the background artwork, you’ll see all kinds of hieroglyphics. To me, the Mummy’s Gold video captures all the intricacies of the online casino, but the experience itself is so much better.

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