Multi-Player Slots and Pooled Bankrolls

Many novice online casino players may not be aware of the fact that they can make use of multi-player online slots and bankroll pooling in order to gain tremendous benefits for their online playing experience.

Introducing Multi-Player Slots

Multi-player slots, in a nutshell, allow various players to play a game together, giving them the chance to communicate via a live chat function on the side. This creates a more ‘real life’ feel, so players can recreate the traditional casino experience. There is live interaction, chit chat, and a community feel that ties the players together.

Benefits of Multi-Player Slots

Combining in such a way also gives players the ability to enhance their knowledge of the game and how it is playing out. Players can track each other’s progress, how many spins they are making, how many free spins they are receiving, and how many winnings each player is making. This can give them some indication of how they are faring relative to other players, what can be seen as a norm or standard for the game in question, and how they could adjust their playing strategies accordingly.

Also, whenever there is a bonus round, players can combine forces and win a jackpot together. Pooling funds allows them to get a much higher payout if they win. While individual bets may be limited, the limit for pooled bankrolls is much higher, and so players can access possible jackpots of a much higher value than they ever could themselves.

The Low Down

Multi-player slots are only workable if players come from different locations. This means that one cannot combine players to play from the same computer or even the same internet connection. Doing so might result in players being banned from the online casino platform.

Casino Bonuses and Comp Points 

Another one of the benefits of multi-player or community slots, in addition to the higher pooled bankroll to play with, is that players will have access to casino bonuses of a much higher value than they would if they were playing individually. Playing with a higher bankroll will also enable players to access more comp points, which, in turn, can be turned into further bonus points.

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