How Much Casino Gaming Is Too Much? – by Marc Armstrong

Ever have that moment where you look up from your laptop, bags under your bloodshot eyes and an ocean of empty coffee mugs around you, only to realise that the sun is officially about to rise? Yes, you’ve unintentionally burned through another night at your favourite online casino. Early morning birds always tend to be chirping outside during such moments of realisation, like they’re merrily informing you that if you’re lucky you can grab two hours of sleep before heading off to work. I hate those filthy smug birds.

I had such a scene unfold just recently, and can promise it was not one of my finest moments. I’m a person that requires as many hours of sleep as possible, you see, and somehow always still feel like I’m being robbed of sleep, even if I manage a straight twelve hours. So, when the birds start delivering their “you’re about to survive on two hours of sleep” song, I get a little moody.

The truth is that as much as I’m a person who needs a lot of sleep, I’m also a person who tends to get seriously immersed in online poker. Once I get into a zone, I fall very quickly into the “one more hand” trap. And before I know it its 5am. When I’m forced to get back out of bed at 8am, others best steer clear of me, for their own safety.

Time Management

It’s not smart to get overly engrossed in any activity, I think we’ll all agree, be it an online casino game, or any other form of entertainment. “Everything in moderation” is not a cliché because it isn’t true, after all.

I’m personally just as guilty of playing PC games until the birds get busy with their song, as much as I am online casino games. And really, over indulging in something like a PC game only serves to inadvertently ruin the experience, since the more you tend to shovel into your brain in one sitting, the less likely you are to enjoy it. The same is true for casino games. Plus, in the case of online casino games, the more you force yourself to play in one sitting, the less likely you are to perform at your best. Fresh brains always yield the best results.

Fresh Brains Yield Best Results

Ever get completely stumped by a riddle or puzzle, only to find the find the answer completely obvious in the morning? Yes, your brain really does tend to work a whole lot better when it isn’t bubbling in a stew of fatigue. You’ll perform your best in any mental activity with a bit of sleep, and with the task taken in small, manageable chunks. Limiting the amount you play your favourite online casino game is the best approach, since it will simply ensure you are always at your sharpest when you play. And, let’s just be honest about this, games involving real money should be approached when your mind is at its best.

Setting Limitations

I’ve trumpeted myself blue in the face in these blogs about how important it is to manage your money wisely, which still stands by the way, and you’re a fool if you’ve ignored my solid gold advice. But now I’m going to do a bit of trumpeting about how important it is to manage the time you spend playing online casino games.

I’ve found that playing in hour-long stretches, with a break between, is about my own personal limit. If playing beyond an hour, I tend to start making unforgivable mistakes. I recall with horror overlooking that I was very close to achieving a straight, realising my mistake at the exact moment I cast out essential cards. This, more than anything, should be taken as a sign it’s probably time to grab a cup of coffee and take a breather. Don’t worry; the Internet will still be there when you get back.

Performing At Peak Conditions

I guarantee you will be a better casino game player if you limit the time you spend playing, and only play when you are at your sharpest and most alert. Just how long you should play, and when you should take a break, is of course up to your and your own brain. I personally play for no more than an hour because I feel it is my personal limit, but then I also tend to jog for no more than half an hour at a time, but suspect there are those who are capable of jogging for longer.

Make your own limitations, stick to them, and watch your average win loss ratio start leaning more towards the win department. You’ll thank me for it, and be forced to deal with those smug morning birds a great deal less.

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